Dom the Psionicist

Dom the Psionicist

These are my rolled stats:

Seriously tempted to take the middle set, but I don't want to be too broken. Oh Mr. DM, which set would you prefer I take?

I prefer that you take the set that gives you the best character for you.

It's not up to me. Pick the set you want to use.

Well, considering the physical AND mental strain of psionics, I will go with the middle set. Also considering the fact that I might not be very useful until later levels, some high stats would be beneficial...

As I update, I will add to the sheet here:

Did the DM tell you about what he is allowing with psionics? You can choose a power twice and get a bonus to the check, 2nd time you take it get a +2 to the check. useful if stat is not so high and want to take powers with -6 or -8 .

I checked it. Commented on it too, I believe. :P

Finished the character. Here's the link again:

I will have a background and more in depth information on the mind of my psionicist as soon as I can. I just wanted you to know the logistics were taken care of.

Will you change the name of this thread to "Dom the Psionicist"?

Also, all done unless you want a more in depth character background.


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