Dom the Psionicist

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As far as background: There are some holes there that I would prefer to see fleshed out in the event this character gets selected for the campaign. Such as:

1. Where is he from?
2. What drove him to become a nomad?
3. What was this major accident that happened?
4. How is it that his father is an inventor, but his skills lean him more towards scribe? (ie, you have no mechanical skills, but you can read/write/speak 3 different languages?)

I'll answer those now, and incorporate them into the sheet when I get home tonight.

1. Waterdeep. This keeps it simple. He leaves for a time, wandering, then always returns home.

2. His father also taught him that your works reflect your soul, and that if one stays in the same place for their whole lives their work would be limited in scope. This instilled the idea in Dom that he needed to travel and gain experience in order to "find his soul", so to speak.

3. Dom fell down a flight of stairs leading into his father's workshop. The fall caused mild brain damage. Nothing terribly serious, but enough to give him the shakes. This is why he needed to learn to wield two handed weapons (he can't properly control 1 handed weapons) and it leads into the next question.

4. Dom's accident left him without the ability to use his hands for fine detail work. The shakes he experiences are bad enough that he can't build things with his hands. Therefore, he was never able to learn the crafting abilities like his father. He did, however, find that without proper use of his hands, he could focus more on his mind and become a specialized psionicist. He learned how to manipulate objects like puppets and rearrange their structures without needing his hands. However, while he could have focused on mechanical knowledge as a child so that he at least had the know-how regardless of his lack of hand usage, he chose instead to focus on languages. The way he saw it was that the inventing would come naturally when he found his soul, but along the way he'd have to be as open to other cultures as possible.

Also, his mother always preferred her little boy to hit the books rather than the workbench. She's a wee bit over protective.

hmmm i wonder two psionicists in a party, i dont think i ever played in a 2e game with two of us heh. One was enough to give enough headaches for the DM haha.

Wow your stats are almost as good as mine, just i could not moved mine around heh.

There are 2 psionicists up for consideration. That does not necessarily mean that both will make it into the party.

nope never said they would, maybe you deep six both of us and save yourself lots of headaches haha

Don't give him ideas, please... :P

I'm a VERY specialized psionicist, so I'm actually gonna be the least headache possible. Maybe, considering that, we might both make it in. It'd make for a fun time, at the very least.

well since my guy main powers use CON and i only have 12 CON i dont think i will be a reliable psionicist anyways, and since he treats psionics as a illness, he is a passive psionicist. now if he does met another one, he will just think your as sick as him and treat you as such, that or try to kill you to stop the spread of this evil illness heh.

Funny, cause my character is slightly crippled and uses psionics as a crutch. Now this is what it's like when world(view)s COLLIDE!


now i hope we both get in just for the comic RP that will come up!

Either comic, or really deep and in depth. Heavy, philosophical stuff.

Or hilarious! :P


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