Dom the Psionicist

Completed and updated. Lemme know if you see anything I missed.

I saw that normally people aren't allowed to have Wild Talents, but are psionicists allowed to roll for them?

I think it'd add a bit of flavor, but it's entirely up to you, DM.

I only have a 5% chance anyway, right? What could it hurt to try? :P

he disallowed it cause there is also a chance you bone your PC. I got to roll it cause of my kit, but i dont think psionicist get to roll it, doesnt make sense in my mind, your mind is already psionicly active.

What if I'm willing to bone myself out of my PC? Shouldn't that be my choice? You go for higher power, you run risks, am I right? :P

If it's been disallowed, I'm perfectly ok with that. I just wanted to make sure I had covered all the options for my character. Can wait to see who gets picked!

Unless your kit says you get the chance, you don't get to roll for it. I don't want to see a character get completed and then roll for wild talents and get totally boned by becoming a vegetable. If you get to live with the good, you have to live with the bad.

However, you make a good point: if you want to bone yourself out of your character, that's your choice. But it makes me wonder if you aren't happy with what you've created to begin with?

No, I'm plenty happy. But if you were told that you get to have cake or ice cream, then the other one you could ALSO have with a 5% chance of getting it and a 4% chance of losing your hand, would YOU take those odds?

Cause I love cake and ice cream equally. :P

Besides, what are the odds of me getting the good OR the bad? 9%? I doubt it'll happen either way.

Also, I'm a self-made cripple anywho. A little more couldn't hurt THAT bad, right?


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