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Asharah Ithkin

Asharah Ithkin
Avariel Archer

Actually quick question to others; I seem to recall a missile + thrown weapon style specialization, but I can't see it; was that Player's Option only?

Fixed permissions on my sheet! Now visible to all.

Background: Given Avariel are nomadic I'm going to have myself connected through Sundabar as the family line. It also means it's no great stretch for me to have travelled as far as Ardeep Forest and hanging out there when not roaming in to town for work/supplies presently

Thanks Ragnarrahl, very much appreciated. Looks like no ranged fighting style for me then!
What I am going to do, however, is take Tight Group: Bows. Still lets me specialize in composite shortbow, but is more sensible a use of two proficiencies, rather than take short bow and composite short bow.

Clearly when I was back home I had fancy composite short bows available, but in my own travels I had to make do with my well cared for normal short bow until I can earn enough/spend enough time getting wood together to make a high quality composite one!

Feels almost silly having an elf with 18 dex and only +2 to hit with bows XD

I think that Spec to missile/thrown weapons is in PhB...

Under profiencies... +2 to hit on pointblank range (30ft on bows, 60ft on xbows), Faster reload (xbows only)..

ooh... my were talking about combat styles...

Haha, thanks anyway Tonizio~ But yeah used to be able to specialise in missile style for +1AC against ranged, and able to move half and fire full rate.

Though I'm upset to find that bow specialization only gives a point blank range; I remembered it giving +1 to hit and +2 damage at point blank ranges. Seems very weak to only get bonuses to hit at close range, especially as it cost two weapon proficiencies to specialize!

Looks like I'll never be as good as a land Elf ;D

Maybe I should specialise in Lasso; +6 to hit, +3 to damage!

well.. bows get +str for damage.. if you have exceptional bow..

If you have 16+ str and spend double the cost of the weapon, yeah. Melee weapons get the bonus anyway, but whilst they'd have similar "to-hits", melee weapons will be doing +5-+8 damage per hit; which I think compares exceptionally well with the 2/1 fire rate on bows given you'd have to get dex 16+ to get the extra +1 hit on bows while having all that str.

But for most fighters, you don't get those mega stats, not just for most PCs, so it -was- a surprise to me that there is no +1 to hit for spending 3 weapon proficiencies on a bow.

I'll get +1 damage for me due to 16 str when I can afford a Composite Short Bow. I'm pretty sure all the high quality/masterwork bonuses for crafting super good weapons (read +1/+1) were only in player option's too so I wont get a bonus for spending the extra gold on it, but I won't object to extra damage =)

Per the Player's Handbook, page 52:

Bow and crossbow specialists gain an additional range category: point blank. Point-blank range for bows is from six feet
to 30 feet. Point-blank range for crossbows is from six feet to 60 feet. At point-blank range, the character gains a +2 modifier on attack rolls. No additional damage is caused, but Strength (for bows) and magical bonuses apply. Furthermore, if the character has an arrow nocked and drawn, or a bolt loaded and cocked, and has his target in
sight, he can fire at the beginning of the round before any initiative rolls are made.
+2 to attack at Point Blank; can fire at the beginning of the round prior to initiative if arrow drawn and nocked with target in sights

Per the Complete Book of Elves, page 84:

The Archer is an expert with her style of bow. In combat, the Archer may elect to do one of two things. She may either fire faster than most are able to, or she may use a bonus on trick shots.

If she elects to fire faster, she may take an extra shot every two rounds. That means the rate of fire becomes 5/2, faster than the usual 2/1. This still includes her movement. If she chooses to stand still add fire, she may increase her rate of fire to 3/1; however, this enables enemy archers to target her more easily.

If she elects to go with trick shots, she not only gains the usual bonus for specialization and high Dexterity, she also gains a +1 to each shot for every four experience levels.

If the Archer keeps and cares for a bow for more than a month and keeps her arrows sharpened to a keen edge, she may cause 1 hp of additional damage when using these items. If using a different bow or new arrows, she does not gain the bonus. It can only be used with familiar, welI-cared-for equipment.
Increased ROF; potential for additional damage with well-cared-for equipment.

Oh I was aware of the Archer package bonuses; I just mean I was surprised at the specialization for bows being so underwhelming; Also Complete Book of Fighters updated the strength bonus to only apply to Composite bows, and you have to pay an addition cost equal to the bow's cost per strength bonus.

Having to withdraw, good luck everyone else!


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