Chapter 1

As the others were eyeing each other off, someone walked in, completely hidden under a large bear and deer skin robe. With the grace and poise of a noble woman, Xaviien pulled back the hood of his robe, exposing a head of jet black hair, framing a strangely pale face which was punctuated with a pair of dark, almost black, seemingly soulless eyes. He looks more like a giant, evil male faerie than a hunter, but looks can be very deceiving.
Making eye contact with each person in the room, Xaviien gives a single, quiet "Good morning." before moving toward the enormous axe, which was attached to an even larger man. He always felt safer in the shadow of the mountains, and this man mountain was no exception.Looking around, Xaviien gets the feeling this will be a very interesting day.
My shurikens are all hidden under my robe sorry Aspen, you may get to see them soon enough though. Usually you wouldn't see it until it was about to smack you in the eye!

Ok, that means I wasn't looking at the shurikens after all. <shudders at the thought of getting smacked in the eye by one>

Silverthorn looks at Xavien appreciatively. "Now there is someone I would like to learn a thing or two from. i spend far too much of my time in the city."

Tal starts to feel a little out of place with the number of physically intimidating occupants of the room. "So, does anyone know exactly what we're supposed to be doing?"

Anuhea, never comfortable with standing around doing nothing, pipes up. "It appears that you and I are in the same boat, Journeyman Fugit. The messenger sent to me was vague. I had assumed I would be bidding to supply his Lordship's troops, but I think it is safe to say I was mistaken."

Gil is abnormally at home in this awkward situation, greeting everyone with smiles and waving gestures. His extensive tattoos are offsetting to most everyone who hasn't met him and his personality doing the same to those who already know of him. Answering the previous question he spurts out, "Well I assume we are waiting for the man with the plan. I for one am excited to get out of the city again and with such a well rounded group none the less!" And with that pats his large wolf of a dog sitting next to him.

Garth glanced at Xaviien as he moved to stand next to him, but did not stare long, and simply shifted his weight and looked again at the room.

"There may be some mistake, I don't know if I belong here." He looked about the room, at the more elegantly dressed members of the group, and shifted his weight again, nervously.

Stepping out of the shadows, Kyle keeps his back toward the left wall. His 5' 7" frame is hidden by his mail/leather armor with his shortsword on his left hip, bolt quiver on right hip, and crossbow slung over shoulder. He removes his leather helm and pushes back his black hair.

He calmly eyes everyone. Kyle keeps his distance from the Knight.

After a short while; a well dressed middle aged man enters the room from a side corridor, his dark hair beginning to show signs of turning grey. He is being escorted by two guards as he climbs the step up to the wooden throne and sits down. The guards take up position on either side of the raised throne.

The Lord leans forward and briefly looks at each of you before he begins to speak. "Thank you for coming. You are here because I have need of your services, but i will get to that in a moment."

Leaning back into the cushions of his throne Lord Aldwin continues, "I have been approached independently by both the Merchant guild and Mage guild about a serious matter. In the past week, two caravans have been attacked on the west road by Orcs. Goods belonging to the merchant guild have been stolen and a prominent Wizard of the mage guild has been taken prisoner, to what end is unknown. Surprisingly all attempts of the Mage guild to locate the wizard have failed. That is where you come in, we would like you to recover the stolen goods and the missing wizard."


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