Chapter 1

Anuhea curtsies to Lord Scarmantle.

"For my part, I trust you, Lord Scarmantle; in our past dealings you have always kept your word. You have also proven shrewd, so it would not surprise me if the membership of this group comes from a combination of divination and necessary politics. But, as with some others, I am worried about my own participation. I fear this task may not be a simple journey there and back again, but could become a flight from danger and into danger. I take more risks than most mothers, bringing my son along as I travel with valuable cargo through bandit country. However, that danger is small compared to going out of one's way to find bandits and take their spoils."

"I burn for justice in this case. I've had to tell women "

(she chokes up)

"th ... that they were widows and deliver the last gold their husbands would ever earn. Those who would kill just to steal are vermin!"

(she pauses to regain her composure)

"But I don't see how I can bring my son in good conscience. So I would ask you, my Lord, for two favors. First, I would ask that one of your servants be assigned as Ankur's tutor and minder while I am away. Second, if I should die, I would ask that you would raise him as one of your own household. In return, I would take half the compensation that you would otherwise offer me."

"Do we have a map of where this ambush took place?" Silverthorn ignores the question of payment, as he is already in the employ of the Lord, and has his own suspicion as to why some of the others were asked to aid in this task. Some of the information they were getting was already adding up in some very uncomfortable patterns.

"All of you have been recommend for your abilities to give this task the best chance of success, whether you are just a humble woodsman or a guild mage. You would not be standing before me if I didn't agree," Lord Aldwin says while looking around at the confused and uncertain faces.

"Now to the business side of things. There is a bounty of 100 copper coins for each of you, if you recover the Wizard and goods belonging to the merchant guild."

"Anuhea, fear not. Your son will be safe within my household until your return," Lord Aldwin says in a softer tone directed at Anuhea.

Kyle continues listening to the discussion.

"My lord, the bounty is acceptable. Will we be using some form of transportation or are we hiking?"

"Might I suggest, those of you without transport of your own, hitch a ride with Anuhea?
judging by our conversation in the ooc thread, I'm fairly sure Aspen won't mind me throwing that in?
I've ridden in her wagon before, and it is like enormous bed of silk, a carriage fit for a king!"
blushing a little, he turns to Anuhea "If that suits you of course, I'm sure we'll all chip in for horse feed.
"I'll dump my gear and hike, I'm pretty sure some of us could get there faster than horses, if we travel light."

Garth blinks rapidly. Any hesitancy he had to accepting the job dissolved when the enormous bounty was mentioned.

One hundred copper? All at once? Even split between us... That's amazing, he thinks, before the rest of the Lord's words penetrate. Did he say each?

The giant man simply stands there, silent, and stunned.

"Depending on the distance, i can likely scout the area and head back to meet the rest of you."

"I can fly myself and someone else" he takes a quick look at Garth "as long as they aren't too heavy, and get us there a fair bit faster than the wagon, if we wanted to start our scouting as soon as possible." He glances over to Silverthorne, trying to size up how much he weighs "Do you have your own conveyance, or would you like to come with me?"

Anuhea curtsies again to Lord Scarmantle, "Thank you very much, my Lord. You have put my heart at ease."

Then she turns to
I don't mind the history addition at all. This is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about in the OOC thread.
Xaviien. "Flattering my wagon to get into my good graces, I see." She smiles.

"Seriously, though, as many of the company as needed are welcome to share my wagon. We can fit 4 comfortably or up to 6 if one is willing to live with tight quarters. However, I think it is probably better if we ride individual mounts. (Or fly - for those so gifted). If these orcs are like other bandits, we'll have to track them through the countryside and even my wagon needs some sort of road. Horses and wings are much more adaptable."

Dice Roll: 3d6u13z
d6 Results: 9 (Total successes = 4)
casts (4) his spell to transform into an eagle.

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