Oasys Makes A Monster V: 'Lust' & 'Gluttony'

Oasys Makes A Monster V: 'Lust' & 'Gluttony'

The Ad...
DM (mishra) looking for two, pretty unique character applications. Specifically, I'm looking for character applications that fit in with two of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony and Lust, with a pending spot open for Pride.
As for the mechanics, it's the same as above, 3.5 material, Tomes included. Applications can go in the application thread.
For Gluttony, I'm thinking a dragon...
...for Lust, I'm thinking a succubus...

I just thought a lich as Lust was a cool idea. Succubus or Nymph seems 'expected' but I was hoping it was a different enough spin.
This might be true.
In fact it is.

On the other hand, the Seven Deadlies are supposed to totally radiate their namesake...
...and sure a Human can be Lust or a Gnome could be Gluttony, I think the succubus and the dragon better evoke those ideals.


Let's see what I'm working with...
...none of my House Rules, so, I'm limping.

Pre-mod Stats ranging from 7 to 18. You may have no more than two odds. And your total stat mods = 11. Example: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 17.
Not to sure how this works...

A minimum of 15 feats...

Looks like Monster Classes from Brilliantgamer/Minmax boards are allowed, so maybe a Fang dragon would be appropriate for Gluttony?

Either that, or use my second idea of a Greater Barghest for some soul eating fun. Not only do you hunger for their flesh but their souls as well! Maybe even get a level or two from Soul Eater (BoVD) for some Negative Levels and a boost to Str.

Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
A Vampiric Barghest?
Sure, why not? What better exemplifies Lust/Gluttony then a Vampire?

Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
Any Dragon would only have 12 HD, and be Large... no likey...
It'd be Juvenile.
Monster Class Dragons progress differently. For example the Fang Dragon will by Huge by lvl 12. There are several other dragon to look at, just the Fang dragon that specializes in using its bite/claws and other natural weapons came to mind.


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