Oasys Makes A Monster V: 'Lust' & 'Gluttony'

Yep. Fixed it.

Hopefully my explanation made no sense to anyone else applying. Except to say that both sides of gestalt are separated by a (side 1)//(side 2).

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The +6 LA is pretty rough, so I think I will check out Igneel's Monster Classes.
Succubus monster class? =P

Using the Greater/Barghest classes you only use up 5 lvls on one side...

Seriously, if there's a Charisma version of the beguiler, I'd take that.
I believe I remember seeing a feat that allows you to change the casting stat for a class, only can take it at 1st level. Might be a 3rd party feat though, I'll have to look for it...

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Its a Monk Variant in a Dragon or Dungeon Magazine that's Chaotic instead of Lawful.
I gave it to my Demon in my other Oasys makes Monster with the location.

We need to have a talk. About power.
[Brutal honestly]
Now I havent seen this class, but unless its >/= Jiriku's class.... Your going to be a liability.
[/brutal honesty]

Its just a two-level dip for Flurry of Blows and the feats.

Your going to be a liability.
Its just a chaos themed Monk reflavor.
I'll use Jiriku's.

Well keep the fluff, take Jiriku's. Fluff goes either way, especially with the DMing in that game. I turned an Altair themed class from Assassins Creed into my own personal sect of Black Cloaked assassins....

I'll use...
Igneel's Monster Succubus Class obviously, leaving me with five levels...
...then a decision of going into Lillitu or cleric and aiming for Contemplative to get that Free Domain...

If I use the standard Barghest...
...the party can kill its enemies, let me eat them and the Barghest would advance like crazy...
...if I use the class, then I save a bunch of levels...

Combine them...
Barghest HD Levels + Barghest Monster Class Levels?

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