My application's done now. At least, the first draft is. I was hoping to add into my backstory how Frey met some other people that sign up so we could start the game knowing each other, as suggested by the DM. If anyone wants to work together with collaborating backstories, please tell me!

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If anyone wants to work together with collaborating backstories, please tell me!
Love to!

Also, I'm new but vaguely familiar with all this, having played lots of Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights, so please feel free to correct me on any misconceptions I have of this edition. I don't have access to the books, but I found a pointbuy calculator (... that I can't link you for validity yet, stupid-but-probably-sensible-newbie-post-limitations...) to calculate ability scores, and then the SRD as the basis for information regarding races/classes/etc. I don't have anything fancy planned, just a skill-heavy human rogue. One thing I need to ask for clarity though, how often do I get feats? The SRD doesn't say, at least not where I can find. I'm assuming it's one at creation, plus one for human, then one on every third level and whenever you get bonus feats due to class?

your assumption is correct. So for a level 3 human rogue, you should have 3 feats. One at creation, one for human and one for level 3.

Alright this group needs a dedicated spellcaster so I have a few ideas for concepts I want to run by players and GM before I make a sheet

-A Grey Elf wizard going into Mage of the Arcane Order (complete arcane)
-A dwarf wizard/fighter heading into Runesmith (Races of Stone)
-A dwarf bard heading into sublime chord
-gnome cleric/wizard heading into mystic theurge
-a human wizard going master specialist then Red Wizard.

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Hey, your app looks pretty good, Hope! I wouldn't have guessed you're a beginner. =)
Thanks! I keep tinkering with my sheet, but I think I'm done. Finito, hands off, no more tweaks

And yes, dedicated caster, though I've no idea which of that list I'd recommend. Maybe some form of cleric, unless someone else is going to end up going pure-class. Whatever you like!

It depends on who's planning to handle the blasting as opposed to the healing. Any of those would really work, but it looks like you have the wizard type for our group in mind. And so you should probably focus on arcane magic in that regard. We only have 3 levels to work with so I'd say specialize.


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