now I posted this in the ad, and I'll do it again here. You may choose if you want 1 flaw or trait, though I want it to be a good roleplaying aspect and if a flaw, really be a flaw for your character instead of just a free feat.

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Will you accept Tomb of Battle?
That sounds like an epic dungeon crawl.

How about this C.G.7? My character, I'll figure details later, was the son of your character's slave master. They became friends growing up, snuck him food, persuaded slavemaster not to beat him, etc. He watched your character escape, tried to follow him but he was too fast. Trying to find him my character got lost and was found by someone that taught him his class. After learning what he could he sought out to find his friend again, deserting his family and fortune. Thoughts?

Hey any of your characters could have been clients of the Magpie's Nest Adventurer's Guild in the last 40 years and so would know about Erica Valencio. At least that's how I'm seeing it.

Mew, your picture doesn't work D:


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