Must be something on my end then...

Can I trade Ride for Tumble as it suggests in the Cityscape Web Enchancement, btw? Fighters get pretty lame skills anyway, and Ride is one of them (plus I doubt we'll be using it when we get indoors).

umm, if you are basing a fighter on moving dexterously or some such, then sure. Such as if they are a fencer or archer or even a brawler, but if you are a knight in shining armor style fighter, I'll have to say no. Just has to make sense in his background and I'm game for it.

Fair enough I guess, but even if he were a knight in shining armour style, he would have a fairly significant armour check penalty to those rolls. I do want to make use of the Nezumi's 40ft speed, though, so I'll be running around and jumping far more I think; hence, Tumble would be a pretty cool to have.

Just wanted to mention to everyone that tomorrow is the last day to complete your character sheets and applications. On the 10th I will be making a final decision about who is in the game. I enjoyed reading over all your characters and working with each one of you on specifics. It is unfortunate that there isn't enough space for everyone, but that is just the nature of the game. Good luck all, and happy gaming

That sounds good! Good luck everyone!

I finally decided on my trait, Illiterate. It doesn't make sense for Frey to know how to read when he's never been taught or had a chance to learn. I'll take the +1 for a skill to apply to Tumble, since that's a cross class for Fighters and I picture him as being good at tumbling.

Fortive, I'm up for crossing over stories, but nothing jumps out instantly as how we would meet. Got any ideas?

mew, there's no way Frey would have met up over a guild like that. He stayed seclusive and away from towns until just recently. So I don't think I can tie in to you like that, but it's a good idea and I hope other people can make use of it if you get accepted.

@Celtic: True, I don't see how your character would have met mine either.

@Mew: I could have been associated. Any way she could have been scouting for new talent at the time, and knew I was somewhere in the area. You came to see if I wanted to go take a look with you?

I posted the cast of characters, thanks again everyone for applying.
Look for the IC thread to open up in the next day or two.


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