I know all four of us are active (or at least have been active yesterday or today). I think it is time for a post of what we see inside the house as we walk in?

have 3 thanksgivings today, and a couple more over the weekend. If I don't get a post up tonight, I will tomorrow Happy pumpkin pie day.

I have a couple of good replacement players coming to join us soon They should show up during this combat.

As for the combat, since this one is on such a large scale and not necessarily everyone fighting together, I won't be using a map and relying mainly on description. However, I will use a map for most fights in the game.

yes it is, though I do take some of the responsibility. These two who will be joining us I have been gaming with for a while now and are good players, so I'm happy to have them along. One has their character made up and the other is working on it and they will join us during or after this encounter.

Yeah new players! I'm on my phone so I'll be posting my actions and such later tonight.


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