-All characters will start out at 3rd level and have 2700gp to spend on starting equipment.
-36 point buy for stats
-Hp will be max for 1st level and rolled for the others, rounding up to the average number if less than half. (example, on a D10, any roll from 1-5 is actually a 5.) If there are questions regarding this, just ask.
-Alignment can be anything non-evil.
-I will accept any basic race and class combination from the PHB, Oriental Adventures, any of the 3.0 class handbooks, and a few other materials. I am open minded to many character types so just shoot them my way. No psionics.
-All applications need to have a link to a completed character sheet and a physical description as well as personality and background to be accepted. I will only be accepting 4-5 characters.
-If you need help with character creation or need to run an idea by me, either post in the OOC thread or send me a PM.


Name: Frey Skye
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Future Prestige Class: Tempest)
Appearance: Preferring loose clothing, Frey wears an orange long-sleeved shirt and red pants that look oddly large on him. They tend to mask his well-muscled body. The sandals he wears are more for practicality in moving quickly than comfort or style. His red hair is long and shaggy, and while he keeps it tied in a large ponytail, he also uses a white headband to keep his bangs out of his brown eyes. His left arm, when revealed, has a tattoo of a white-furred pegasus with a silver mane, tail, and wings.

Personality: A strong sense of justice runs through Frey. Due to what he has gone through in his younger years of life, he knows a lot about suffering. Nobody ever came to help him even though he had wished for it often, but instead of resenting this, Frey focuses on becoming the sort of person that can give the help he never received. This is a purpose to life that he gave himself; without it, he would be lost on what he wants to do. When speaking to others, Frey does his best to be friendly and tries to stay on their good sides. Because he has not interacted with people much, he sometimes stumbles over what is right to say. He also has a difficult time with understanding exactly what true friendship is. Part of the benefit of spending time with a traveling group is that the constant interaction is causing him to grow closer to his comrades each day.

For battles, Frey has no fear in taking the front line. He has already experienced physical pain many times, so the prospect of wounds does not worry him. He is far more concerned with other people he is trying to protect taking injuries. As such, he tries to draw enemy attention to himself, and then dodges blows as best as he can while counterattacking with his two blades. He can take a few hits, but does best with evading rather than tanking. Frey also has a longbow that he keeps with him in case of foes he cannot reach with his swords. He prefers not to use it even though he can shoot well when he needs to.
Background: Frey has no memory of his parents or any other family he might have had. He was taken at a young age by slavers, and terrible recollections of that make up his childhood. One of his first memories is of having a brand pressed onto his left arm, marking him as the slaver's property and inflicting the worst pain he had ever felt. For the next several years, he was put into manual labor. It tore at him to think his life was only being used to further the selfish gains of cruel people such as these, and even when they struck him for being disobedient, a single glance at the ugly brand would convince him that he had to keep being defiant.

At the age of fifteen, he finally got a chance to escape. One of the regular leaders of the slavers who watched over them got switched for a new one. He was more lax on checking to ensure the slaves were properly secured, which gave Frey the opportunity he needed. Vowing to come back when he was stronger, for revenge against all of the people who thought they had owned him, he ran as far away as his body would take him.

Slowly, as the years passed, Frey grew more powerful. He began to learn how to use two swords to great effect. Remembering how he had suffered, he did all he could to help those he met that needed help. He was even successful at defeating a small group of slavers, though not the same ones that had once held him. Though he searched for that group, he was unable to find it again. The first thing he did once he had enough money, however, was pay a tattoo artist to eradicate the brand on his arm by crafting a picture of a pegasus. Once he had heard a tale and seen a picture of the mystical creature, it fit in his mind as the ultimate symbol of freedom: a horse that could run as fast and far as it needed, while flying where its legs could not take it.

When he was twenty-five, Frey came upon a small boy, one who was fleeing from an abusive master he had been sold to. This was a child Frey felt he could help before he went through a life similar to Frey's own. He killed the man to defend the seven year old child, and ever since, the boy followed him closely. The boy was the one who gave Frey his name. Until then, Frey had never spoken to anyone long enough to ask to exchange names, and thus had never thought of himself as needing one. The boy also did not know his own, so Frey chose the name Todd for him. To complete their family binding, they chose the same last name, Skye, liking its connotations to the freedom they had found.

The two of them had stayed together until three weeks ago. That was when bandits attacked them while traveling. In the ensuing struggle, Todd fell from the high cliff they were on. By the time Frey got to where he would have landed, there was no sign of him. On one hand, Frey was grateful that Todd was alive. On the other, had he gone somewhere else on his own, or had someone taken him? Frey continued to travel in hopes of finding him.

Name: Lael Blake
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red, short
Skin: Caucasian

Favored Weapon: Shortbow
Talents: Archery, stealth and subterfuge, cunning, wit
Education: Excellent
Current Deity: Tymora

Lael developed a broad streak of empathy with those less fortunate than her. Compassionate to a tee, she tries to help whoever she can whenever the opportunity presents itself. Of course, she also wants to make a private fortune off her hard work so she can uphold a decent standard of urban living, thus putting her in a better position to help others in the long term. This is where dungeoneering comes in, as a high-risk and high-pay venture, but she has subtle talents applicable to other avenues of intrigue. She could be called cowardly when it comes to fights, but she'd just say she's being tactical and realistic. Neither born tough or strong, Lael learned to rely on a natural grace and a keen mind. She would rather stay light on her feet and out of the frontlines of combat herself, while providing precise and damaging ranged cover for others who are braver, tougher and more skilled in melee arts.

Laels father, one Reginald Blake, was a man who pulled himself up out of the lower class dirt by his wits and hard work as a trader. He is considered something of a cornerstone merchant in her homecity, having risen out of poverty and married above his station, respected both for his business acumen and stringent work ethic. Over the years, however, this caused schisms in the home which benefitted so much from his endeavors. Stiflingly strict when he was around, and frequently this was not the case, Reginald had high ideas about how his blood should be spending her time. Lael grew up in a position of privelege amongst her peers thanks to him, well educated despite being somewhat isolated (or rather because of it). She was taught that a keen mind was far better than a keen blade in all but the most dire of circumstances, which can usually be avoided with a little thought beforehand, thus she learned the literacy to read and write and stirred her hidden potentials in a world where so many with power and influence prefer to rely on lots of big men with sharp swords than tolerate anyone with half a brain.

Her mother was graceful and courtly, contently playing the lady in waiting while her husband worked and travelled. Lael picked up a few of the subtle tricks that come with being of the fairer sex, but she could never withstand the boredom of her expected lifestyle for long. She enjoyed time spent being taught archery and often retreated into the comfort of making slow progress in something that's about accurately hitting targets at a distance. She reaped patience, technique and self confidence. She started to develop targets of other kinds. All that reading had filled her mind with terribly dangerous and fantastic ideas about the world. Occaisional lax oversight of the youth allowed for brief opportunities to escape her gilded cage and walk the cities less fortunate areas. However, she knew she shouldn't be seen or recognised lest her position and placement be used to detriment against her family. These were challenges she overcame by learning to be covert. Walls were less and less able to contain her as she grew into a nimble figure, able to scale their heights and slink off for a few hours of astonishing, elightening freedom whenever possible. These teenage adventures were not always so merry, but they were true experiences more vivid and real than anything read in a book, and so she cherished each and every foray for the insight gained into the world. She developed a social and moral conscience. Any discrepancies resultant from misadventure were usually taken care of by her aloof mother, such that by the time her father caught wind of that time his daughter had pick-pocketed a guard it was little more than an innocent tale of little import.

Growing into womanhood brought a growing desire for freedom that came under serious threat when Lael was informed of her arranged marriage to a terribly arrogant and ignorant, rich and handsome young man of noble peerage. Unexpectedly, rather than allow herself to be bartered into slavery for the sake of easy, shallow comfort, she fled her home to carve her own path. That was two years ago and she's been doing a little travelling of her own since, doing whatever she could to get by without resorting to getting her hands dirty. Not everything was in accordance with the law, but she likes to think that doesn't matter as much as whether or not you hurt people.

(I think that's it? I think it is.)

Fash Fenu

Name: Fash Fenu
Occupation: Advanced Scout

Name: Garuke
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Gray Orc
Occupation: Holy Purifier

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, Medium length.
Skin: Grey

Class(es): Fighter/Cleric (to be War Priest followed by Divine Champion)
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Talents: Healing, Combat
Education: Specialized
Deity: Heironeous

Appearance: Garuke dresses only in the finest of armor, kept clean polished and in good condition. Her weapons, shields, and accoutrements are kept in such form also. Unlike most orcs you will find no great mane, no tusk-like fangs, no skin in horrible, or dirty condition. Her fangs have long since been filed down, her face and skin carefully treated to be smooth and soft. her mane shaven, and her hair cut to appear acceptable by most civilized opinions. All of her appearance has been obviously, and painstakingly crafted and altered as far as possible (without the aid of magic) to make her appearance as close to human as possible.

Garuke's outwards personality tends towards timid. Her head usually bowed down as though in shame. Her own life has taught her that most people are unwilling to attempt to understand, or acknowledge her based purely on her appearance. Something she herself has difficulty forgiving. Most often she is quiet, speaking only when spoken to, or when she feels it is urgent.

While she may feel the same loathing for herself as any common dwarf, she still finds difficulty in backing down when she feels she is correct, and while often submissive, she can be implacable when threatened, or if her faith, beliefs or deity are questioned.

Garuke grew into adulthood from a very young age among her half-orc siblings. The only one in a human town. Her mother was all but unknown to her, having left as soon as the babe was weened. Her childhood was fraught with difficulty, the lack of any kindness from the humans in the city led to her becoming timid, and nearly skittish. Many of the scars upon her body are from before she became old enough to defend herself.

A mixture of fights, bullying, and general hostility led to the young orc to taking refuge in one of the small cities few temples almost daily. Her constant presence led to her faith in the god that, to her mind, kept her safe within his walls. Through listening quietly to the prayers of the patrons and the clergy, and the conversations she found her path. The priests listened intently to her complaints, and preached patience, and that the people of the city act out of ignorance, and uncertainty.

As she grew, she spent more time in the temple, and less at home until she became a ward of the church in all but truth. The clerics, having thought her a benevolent curiosity taught and trained her in the ways of a cleric of Heironeous, and gave her what education her mind could handle.

Upon having reached her full stature, and her adulthood, Garuke was finally ready to be set to tasks. A fully fledged cleric of Heironeous.

Name: Marit'tuk Oh-chi'at'tok
Gender: Male
Race: Nezumi [OA 13]
Class: Crusader [ToB 9] 1/Dungeoncrasher Fighter [DSc 10] 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good

"Let's do this thing!"

Dice Roll: 1d10z 1d10z
d10 Results: 6
d10 Results: 4
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: d10z d10z
Original Dice: d10z d10z
Health, 2d10 (6,4) = 6+5 (wrote "d10" instead of "1d10"; didn't work)


Name: Tsr of Gsha
Race: Male
With some watered down racial modifiers for LA 0
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Dice Roll: 2d12
d12 Results: 8, 3 (Total = 11)
HP rolls

Name: Erica Valencio

Age: 101

Race: Magpie Hengeyokai(Using Sparrow for game mechanics)

Class: Bardic Sage 1 / Warlock 1

Erica wears a rich black dress with frills, the dress is loose fitting for the sake of convinience and to accomadate her hybrid form. She wears a special circlet on her head make of silver and gold with a sapphire encrusted within it. She has a number of extravant jewelry which she bedecks herself in. She ties her hair in to twin ponytails on either side of her head. Her first wrinkles are showing on her face, which she tries to hide with skin lotion. She dyed her hair black so she could continue denying that she has started to get grey hairs.

Personality: To describe Erica in one word, Avarice. She values money highly and knowledge even more highly. A self professed lover of shiny things. She is intelligent and values intelligence in her friends. Being roughly 100 years old she is more feeble in body, but the years have tempered her mind. Ethically she is loose deeming even larceny as permissable in the pursuit of riches. Although she draws the line firmly at murder. And even murder can be permissible in dangerous situations.

Background: As Erica enters her second century there comes a time for every magpie yokai to reflect on one's life. Born as an inquisitive bird, she made a pact with the spirits of nature to be a guardian of knowledge and riches.She chose to live among humans in the city. Posing as a scholar she attained access to city libraries and other resources. From there she gathered knowledge. From the wider world she sold alchemical goods and performances to make some money. Even larceny was fine by her as long as it resulted in money.

She got greedy, she wanted it all: knowledge, power, and riches. In time she found that power was beyond her grasp. But riches and knowledge those could be found in the world. And so armed with a knowledge of myths and legends she became an adventurer chasing down legends and treasure. By now she was an adult yokai of about 60 years. She decided to settle down and run an adventurer's guild: Magpie's Nest. It was so simple, give other adventurers information and detailed quest help and take 15% of the treasure cut in the end. It was via this network she compiled even more about the world which she kept in a giant lorebook called: Encyclopedia Valencio. The book itself was a patchwork compiled from numerous reports by members of the Magpie's Nest and assorted tidbits Erica found during her travels or in libraries.

She ran the Magpie's Nest for 40 years before stepping down as leader. Having assisted a generation of adventurers. Leaving her apprentice to manage the guild, she had stumbled upon something recent. New findings suggested that Durgeddin the Black Fortress had hidden vaults that were supposedly untouched by previous robbers. And with that she flew over to the region to get a look for herself.


Name: Paktow
Age: 16
Race: Kobold
Class: Sorceror
Motivation: Paktow is attempting to find a new Dragon-God for his clan.

Description: Paktow is small even for a kobold. He is covered in deep red and purple scales which he keeps meticulously clean. He wears a tattered robe and a over the shoulder pouch. He carries a crooked stick decorated with beads and feathers.

Personality: Paktow is loud and excitable. He is incredibly easily distracted. His emotions are a continual roller coaster ride for the little fella as he goes through a normal day. He is a consummate follower and will go to great lengths to follow the rules, he is eager to brag about his following of the rules too. Even though he is technically "evil" (read selfish) he will do almost whatever he is told and so as long as the party gives very clear instructions he will stay in line and work effectively with the others

Trait/Flaw if allowed

Dice Roll:
d4 Results: 3, 4 (Total = 7)


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