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3.5 or Pathfinder LA 0 Reptilian races?

3.5 or Pathfinder LA 0 Reptilian races?

Not kobolds. I'm just looking for a reptilian race that I could play as a fighter-esque type, but most I find have a bunch of LA and such. Anyone know of any such races off the top of their heads? Thanks.

Rilkan, Magic of Incarnum

Could also say Spellscale or Dragonborn are reptilian, although they're technically more dragonish.

Also, feel free to make your own if none of those work, if you're playing Pathfinder... the Advanced Race Guide has been put up on the PRD for free use, and it includes a race builder guide that allows you to make your own races at whatever power level you'd like.

For that matter your bog standard Lizardfolk has been worked up using the race builder guide. Its definitely a +0LA race in this system.

Lizardfolk (just scroll down the list of races)

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
Oops, I probably mean Rilkan. I knew it was one of those MoI races.
No, they're both reptilian

If your DM allows it, you could try an anthropomorphic lizard from Savage Species. They're Small, though, which makes them better suited as casters and stealthy types.
Muckdweller, Serpent Kingdoms
Rilkan, Magic of Incarnum
Skarn, Magic of Incarnum
Spellscale, Races of the Dragon


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