Sidelines (OCC Thread)

Sidelines (OCC Thread)

Here be where general game chat takes place. Where out of character questions are asked and answered. I do not want to see any Out of Character Comments posts within In Character threads -- if I find one I will move it to here and dock you some XP for the annoyance.

NWoD - VtR - Sin City

Okay you two have compatible stories and no one else has submitted anything solid so I am going to go with your two as my base and work out from there. I plan to mull the concepts around a bit in my head and the present my thoughts on where we might go and how we might develop this into a full fledged story for the two of you as well as any one else that joins. I have a few story ideas of my own but those are always meant to be generic I generally wait until I have some player concepts before I create the main story arc as it is generally used to weave everyone together in some way shape or form which is impossible to do until you have the player base.

Note feel free to toss around ideas of your own as I look at this being our game not just mine.

Sorry, my Internet died, so it doesn't look like I'll be able to complete my app.

I still plan to put forth a submission. work just kicked up a notch should have it in by the weekend.

No rush right now -- I have to set the ground work for the city anyway and that's gonna take me a little bit of time -- hopefully time enough for me to help finish up addressing the players that are going to be playing and/or time enough to get all the submissions in.

Okay I am putting things together please pay attention to the Info section as I firm things up I will get things started I have a plan for the starting mission however that requires you guys having some basic knowledge of the city so I am trying to get that all in place and then I will be kicking things off.

cool watching this game's progress with great interest...

Okay folks keep in mind as I post up details that if something strikes a bell and gives you a game related idea feel free to either PM me here with it or post it openly here up to you. This world is as much yours as it is mine and I like to incorporate player input when I can.

I will definitively send you a PM when I get a better idea of the political rundown of the city.


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