Sidelines (OCC Thread)

Well, Dorian is very social and even if he wasn't embraced until the late 1990's he quickly rose in power and after defeating his Sire's murdering Van Helsing and taking over his the business from the same after the tragic death that he though wasn't able to prevent, he's considered something of a rising star.

His status in the Invictus grow because of his glorious dead but still he's just 15 years old and his rapid ascend to power has been to quick for some resulting in mixed feelings amongst the brothers and sisters of the First Estate.

Besides that, he can mostly be seen at his Futuristic-slightly-provocative "Casino Violet" and every Daeva-held gathering worth mentioning.

That said, members of the Invictus and kindreds drawn to social parties or a Casino full of beautiful Daeva girls (and men) should at least know about him and have probably spoken to him.

Akashi has been in Las Vegas for at most 6 months. He's just finished settling and has started looking for clues about his sire. He's ... polite. He doesn't attend most kindred gatherings unless he has to, or is searching for a lead and he won't actively go out of his way to converse with them but if someone else approaches him looking for a conversation he'll be happy to talk to them.

As I read through peoples characters it seems like many have very different goals and/or motivations, I'm really curious what DeJoker has in mind for putting us all together as finding means for character in vampire games (Masquerade and Requiem) to cooperate is usually the hardest thing, especially if you don't want it to feel forced or plain false.

I don't think it will be that hard. Alex has a reason, which he keeps to himself, to work with others.

I feel Dorian would have met Alex. Probably a few times. Being Invictus, Alex has a reputation of being respectful and capable. On the other hand it is known in Invictus circles that his Sire sent him to Sin City because his Sire had become frustrated at Alex's lack of progress. The cover story is that Alex was sent to Vegas to help in the casinos. He has knowledge of security systems and Computers, he is also used as an errand boy by many in the city.
On meeting Alex he seems to be polite and stand offish.
Alex has been in the city for about a month. He has been turned less than 5 years.
He could have been sent to Casino Violet to help with a computer problem, advise on securtiy systems, the pros and cons of technology, or just to deliver a message. I'm sure we can work out something that works for both characters if its ok with Dejoker.

Doesn't sound impossible at all, Dorian is more than willing to lend a helpful ear to anyone business or no business.

So How would you like Dorian and Alex to meet? and I like the look of your Casino, but what does it look like on the outside and what kind of clientelle does it cater towards. From the photo I got the image of a small casino, maybe a glorified card room, catering to spendy clients. Pretty girls, private Games for 2 or 3 private Games or a small group event of say up to 50. Good Food, Drinks. Clients would be Celebrities, A fluent, Rich, Political, Underworld ties, or having a reason they can not play in the big casino.
Am I getting the right Vibe here?

Sort of right vibe, exept no underworld or similar (that would be bad PR for the politicians if wrong person saw then) also the Casino has room for less spendy client to mostly bachelors with equal attention towards the girls as to the game, and yes almost exclusively card games. Even though the casino is small it's located on the strip at one of the top floor with a grand view over the rest of the city. Perhaps Alex was contacted to asset the current security system and suggest improvements.

Alex would be happy to have consulted on Security. He would recommend table mounted level central 360 cameras. Professional Players are generally irritated by Ceiling level Cameras. Plus Table level allows for better Facial capture, allowing better facial recognition, and making it easier to notice card counting and tip offs. Not to mention it helps recognise Kindred. He would also recommend a live review, one three days later to 7 days later, with destruction of recording to follow. except of course those that have some value to Dorian.
As long as Dorian doesn't sit at his own tables it gives plausible reason his image is distorted, keeping him from needing to spend effort for it to appear.
live guards at the entrys and exits instead of Cameras. After all away from the pro tables the girls memories are going to be more reliable on cheaters and grifters than cameras anyway.
He then reccomends no electronics at the tables. Dealers even hand shuffle. Players check cell phones, music players, etc. Stops 90% of problems. for a small inconvinence that can be billed as a perk...No disruptions.

For an in how you could have met Theodore and Alexa. They've been in the city roughly a month, publicly. He went through the whole presentation before the Prince as "Theodore Mansfield of Manchester", he would have announced his reasons as being to looking over a few items with local members of his Covenant, the Invictus and that Alexa is his "aide in those matters". Since then he'd have attended every social event. Both city wide and Covenant only. He would also have visited every open kindred hotspot at least once. So anyone who goes to these places and attends these meetings would have had a good chance to have noticed his presence with Alexa regularly nearby (thought not always).

There his interactions would have been cool and detached. He is obviously well-read and cultivated but rarely seem to have much investment into where the conversation may lead. Not many details past those already spoken when he made his presentation would be added about himself but there is the sense of age to his words and manners. Alexa for her part would fade in the background and give an impression of meekness and shyness. If addressed directly should would keep her responses short and often look up to Theodore for approval before speaking.

When it come to members of the same covenant, have you inter... interviewed most of us in private or does he seems to only bother with the one in the top?

@GiashRen, whats with the distOrted picture on the film, does all vampire share the flaw of not being visable in a mirror in Requim(I sure hope not ).

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