Are you sure you know what you're talking about ??

Are you sure you know what you're talking about ??

You want more ?? Thread for asking for more info on something In Game / clarifications / telling the DM he's done something stupid (bah, that NEVER happens ...), etc

Do us lot who recognised the castle get to know what we recognised?

Sorry, yes you do, I'll cover that in the narrative

If you just play Jinn in, and then say something like, "I recognise that castle / I'm sure I've seen that castle / etc" and I'll fill in the details for you

Oh, and just to note, Giddis couldn't have let the dogs out because he couldn't even reach the bar. He wanted to, he would have, but the fact that it was way over his head and weighed a couple of tonnes was a bit of a foil.

Hehe Rum... :0

@ PC Details on the castle and it's previous owner in your private post. Feel free to tell the others or keep the info to yourself

Ping PB Private text added to your last post on what Liame remembers after his brain warms up, or after a short rest about the wizard who took Union.

I'm waiting on Character Decisions:

Resting / Not Resting (Giddis is Resting currently)

Heading into the "Kennels" / Heading back to the Cave for rest

Abandoning Rest and charging on in to the main Building (this would be the Hard Core option in most video games)

Right, once PC has finished his essay and EP & CG have finished the honeymoon stage of their holiday we should be back to about a million posts a day

@ Rum I know how you feel, I'm pretty much monitoring AtG 17/7 (damn you sleep ... shakes fists at the Sandman), it does tend to run at a frenetic pace -- which is all good by me of course

more accurately Gidd would be sqeezing Jinn around the waist, he can hardly reach her shoulder. She's like 6' and he's 4'... also, as for the direction, that depends... Where's the bacon?

I believe Jinn slumped beneath a tree, so I thought she would be sitting, so she would almost be eye to eye with Giddis

You may have bacon in with your rations ...

Oh, no, the pig farm was raided a couple of days before you got to Troll's End, so there is NO bacon ... poor Giddis ;(

A million posts a day? Let's be more aggressive. Settle for nothing less than a billion.

NGP, any info on the castle? I was hoping to work that into the RP while people still care about Union.


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