Are you sure you know what you're talking about ??

Liame has some info on Union to share, in case anyone brings it up.

Oh ... doh, yup, I'll do it now RZ

Ping RZ Private text about the castle added to your last Narattive post ...

Have a RL Board game tonight -- so will not be able to update till after about 2330 (in about 6 hours time) ...

Post away, you will not be interrupted in the Kennels for quite a while, so work out what you'd like to do, RP to your hearts content ... discuss what you would like to do and who is going to miss out on a puppy ...

See you later,


I will be out from tomorrow to wednesday. May get time to post in between but no guarantees.

What skills would be needed to identify the found items?

For magic items, I allow Arcana / Spellcraft rolls, if you don't have either of those, then an Identify Ritual ... I will allow anyone to switch another ritual for Identify ... it is a 20 residuum Ritual, lasts 10 minutes and will identify 1 ability per item per minute (or 5 items which have 2 abilities in 10 minutes)

I'm so good to you peeps

Skill checks to ID stuff:

We normally go with Spellcraft / Arcana rolls if you don't have a ritual (one of the things 4e left out) DC 20 for the cloak -- or I'll let you swap out another Ritual for Identify Ritual -- see my post on RZ's post above

Crest belongs to Sundabar, initially a dwarven fortified city, but now humans are the predominant race therre.

You're not sure what kind of nuts these are.

You don't recognise the maker's mark ... but others in your group might ...

Ping Everyone ... see my answers in Red above

The makers mark looks like this:

Gidd's going to use Thievery, because it applies to everything. Isn't identifying just stealing the secret locked away in the cloak? isn't knowledge nature just a way of saying he's picking the lock of what plant resides inside its seed?...
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 21)

Damn it... a 3!


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