Are you sure you know what you're talking about ??

Aww, man. Now that Union's not around, I'm the only one who's responsible for rituals...I'm swapping Tenser's Floating Disk for Identify Item, although my character doesn't come with any residuum. Can anyone spot me some?

Will you allow us to straight-up convert gold to residuum, NGP? Or do we need to carry the stuff specifically for magicking? (I have nothing against residuum, mind you. Convenience is also nice, though.)

Oh yeah, you're a bard! I was just checking sheets for the Ritual Caster feat, so it didn't even occur to me, sorry. I'd love to borrow some residuum if possible, although we'll see what this arcana check result yields first...

@ Everyone If you haven't got any residuum on you (I know Fina has ...) I will allow you to swap up to 10% of any gold you find for residuum. So if you find 100gp, you can break it down as 90gp and 10 residuum.

Everyone OK with that ??

Oh, and the residuum swap out is before you take a share, so if you find 1200 gp, you convert 120gp of that to residuum, then take your share (so you could take the whole 120 residuum and 80 gp ... if no one else wanted the residuum ...)

I still think to this day that the ID'ing of magic items was a huge gaping whole they made in the game :0

Right Peeps ... waiting on what you want to do (leave puppies, take puppies -- head to the cave / continue on through one of the doors into the the "Big House" -- rest up in the Kennels ???


Oh, from the other players ...


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