Are you sure you know what you're talking about ??

I'll try to get something up before the night is through. Unfortunately, I've been distracted this weekend. Usually that might be a good thing; but this time I'm sick, with 200 papers and 80 midterm examinations to grade, meetings today, teaching tomorrow (though evening classes are cancelled because of Fall Break--woohoo grading time!), and a couple other things to finish. Ugh.

Making an arcana skill check to assist. You basically just roll your own arcana skill and see if it it beats a DC of 10+(Challenge Level/2) to offer a +2 to my check.

Ah, so... sort of similar. I shall help! Or try to.

EDIT: I have no idea if that works.

If you fail, it's a -1 penalty.

My wife is begging me to come to bed, since I stayed up working after everyone else hit the hay. I'll have to post IC in the morning. I'm sorry.

[STRIKE]I was going to help, but since you hadn't actually mentioned the cloak I left it out.]/STRIKE] Also, someone better at arcana than myself should probably do it, so I guess that would be Lakkariel? On the other hand, I could chance the 13...

@ PC You've heard of this cloak, in when he mentions it, it is something you've sought out.

OK ... so by NOT giving me a specific door I can't do anything about it

Also, if you are worried about things going wrong and being trapped, remember it is the EAST gate of the courtyard which is open, not the north gate.

Not trying to influence your decisions ... just pointing out the facts

So ... NW, SW or S door ??


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