Application Questions

Belief gained automatically (i.e. without your followers witnessing miracles you cast) is set on the number of followers that you have.

What I mean is, do followers have to do anything in particular? Do temples and rituals and priesthoods and such increase Belief simply by existing, or do they increase Belief because people are more devout when they have rules to follow?

That's a good question. Also: Do followers of a pantheon generate the same amount of faith? I.E., if a worshiper follows a pantheon of six gods, does each god get one sixth of the worship? Or does he count as one believer for all six?

I'm also interested in the answer to AscendedMaster's question - is Prayer Power generated by people offering you an act of devotion? Do people just have to think about you?

If there are followers of a Pantheon, it is assumed that one God that they have a preference too and generate belief for them.

Belief is generated regardless of whether they take part in sacrifice and acts of devotion or not, however most Gods require specific acts in their worship.


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