The Puppetteer

The Puppetteer

Name of God: The Puppeteer.
Concept & Personality:

Primary Domain: Magic
Secondary Domains: Luck, the Mind, Theatre
Tertiary domains: (His symbols) Puppets, 20 sided die,

1. The most important good man has is his mind. Keep it open for new things, but closed for corruption.
2. Luck is the most powerful force in the world, and is given out freely and equally. Luck, not anything other, should be looked at for guidance.
3. Theatre is the window of the mind. It shows imagination, creativity, and force of will.
4. There is no such thing as 'too much magic'
5. There is no 'One God'. There are many gods, and none is below another. Merely worshipping one is a bad choice.

How do you believe that the Puppeteer would handle the issue of converting others to his faith when others might view him as a thief of free will?

he would simply tell them that he isn't stealing your free will, he is simply guiding them to the best path to take.

(If that wouldn't work he'd just take over their mind, and make them tell everyone he's right)

He's Chaotic, but whether he's good or neutral is hard to tell. He wouldn't do anything actively destructive without an absolutely great reason, but if he has the choice between either getting a new temple, or making sure none of his followers get hungry over the following year, he'd choose the temple.

Okay I have a better feel for it now, he is not always the overt controller, and can be insidious and take hold gradually. He is self serving but to his followers, that is okay because they are part of "game".

That's why most people, (Not even other gods), don't know what he looks like.

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