Character Connections

Character Connections

Figured I'd make a thread to discuss how our characters are connected, if they are at all.

Post what your character has been up to for the past few months/years (Unless of course you don't want anyone to know.) Maybe we can have some tie-ins excreta and start knowing each other.

Churr'Ipa is from Tatooine originally. Anyone else from Tatooine?
For the last two years he's been working as a technician/engineer on a transport/multiple transports and so he is well traveled. Fellow crew members? Passengers? Persons of note on a planet?
On the side he makes/repairs droids to sell. Anybody own a droid? Want one?

Erich is a doctor that's working on Tatooine, so if anybody's been injured or ill at any time (sandpeople attack, heatstroke, indigestion, etc.) then he could have treated them.

Erich fixed Currr'Ipa's broken collar bone about a year ago. Churrr'Ipa paid his debt in droids. One worked fabulously to carry tools and hold IVs, but not much more. The second droid was quite disastrous. It broke two of Erich's patients and a nurses shoulder bones. Thanks to the doctors quick thinking and a well placed drop kick the clavicle-crushing robot was put out of commission. Under an X-ray the pattern of bone breaking on all of the robots victims was remarkably similar to the pattern in which Churrr'Ipas bone was broken.

Sound good? Feel free to edit if you want

Lemaya: need a engineer/crew for your ship?

Hi guys. If chosen, then Hadirak could have been encountered if you had some minor dealings with Jabba. He could have been used as muscle to obtain money due to the crime lord. Perhaps he even took back a speeder you had purchased on credit and couldn't repay.

He would even take a job from any of you if you needed some protection.

ya'll could have also decided to collectively work on this job and have decided to purchase a ship from Jabba...

just a get ya'll a ship

I'm all for us to have been together for a short time. Anything to bypass the whole 'trust issue' stuff I get from a lot of tabletop games. Hadirak would need blaster repair occasionally for his blaster rifle as it is old. With the current group I would focus on investigation, streetwise and security skills. Tracking people and objects and getting into the places that contain them would be a specialty.

I'm ok with ya'll all knowing each other, traveling together, or anything like that in the past ...ya know people ya go to and say "Hey I got this job...ya'll want to make some credits."

so that is what I would suggest...


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