Character Connections

I'm working on a concept for a human smuggler type. An heir to a small gangster syndicate who was forced into hiding after his father was murdered by the competition...or the Empire. Maybe he escaped to the Outer Rim to escape the Empire. He will be force sensitive and some minor force ability though naturally has no idea what it means or why. Does anyone have a ship or can be purchased as part of character Gen? Perhaps I have the remnants of a ship that is being repaired near Mos Espa...could be something to strive towards? ((Character sheet in progress))


You could say that the crime syndicate was destroyed by the empire and you made it out to the outer rim with a busted ship, and now must borrow credits to get it fixed up.

possibly have the other players help by...each of ya'll borrowing credits so the burden isn't as bad on one player...then it would technically become a party ship

just throwing some ideas out there.

Works for me. I do not know what your intentions are for a ship. If you want us to start with one...but not have one player "own" the ship your way makes sense. Otherwise I say we steal one or cheat someone out of one...the old fashioned way.

Imfletcher, you need a crew member, (or a few) for your ship. We can say that Churrr'Ipa was the engineer/technichian on board. There are several other characters that would also fit nicely into the crew. (Maybe they didn't all die in the crash after all) We need the cash to get the ship back up and running. That gives us all a hook and if we want to keep going after this adventure, we'll have a working ship to do it with.

I could see that perhaps Hadirak would come back time to time with a needed part for the ship. How he 'acquired' the part he never really says.

Sounds great to me. For those that were part of the crew that lived...could mean we have a little history which is great. Using Hadirak as a "finder" for parts works well. Its possible I used most of my cash getting the ship into the "shape" its in now...and without off world access to more funds, we're stuck here for now. I love it when a plan comes together.


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