Character Connections

I'm not sure if my background works as a surviving crew member, but your ship's doctor could have died and mine helped take care of your injuries.

That works for me. You could have survived as well. The more connections we have to start make it easier...though again either works. I imagine we've been there for at least a few weeks.

I think perhaps Had may have been hired to find a couple of things for you guys at first. Then just started to hang around afterward because he was bored, you were friendly enough and he wanted company. May have started a good friendship with someone through conversation.

Oh I would very much like if ya'll started roleplaying as if the crash just happened in the Prologue thread

This will give me a feel for ya'll roleplaying, and how the characters are going to interact

Okay I reread all these posts and apparently I missed a few. So after rereading them I can definitely see us all having the interwoven background. It's a fine start.

How many more players will be joining us?

I don't think too many more Jeiserus has to finish his character

but I think we might be at about it.

The prologue has been updated to reflect your ship crash.

Are we starting as if the crash literally just happened, or as if it happened in last 48 hours? I the former, we probably are not in a cantina... Heh.


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