Character Connections

I would very much appreciate a post in everybody's character threads about where you would like to go with the character...

EX: Would you like to become a "Jedi"

Basically what would you like your character to accomplish, so I can write ya'll wants into the store as well.

Part of the fun for me is surprise. Though I shall do as you command.

well I want to make sure everybody has fun, and if you are looking for your character to go one way, and I bring them in another, that may not be fun for you .

I meant more that I like to be surprised, not that I must surprise my mates...I'm flexible.

I'm with you there Fletcher. I've never planned out my character build from level 1 to 20 so to speak. I just allowed for organic growth. However I do have a general feel of where Hadirak wants out of life at this point. However I'm certain it won't be it's true path.

Well Qoocgo is a smuggler. So perhaps Erich needed some illegal medicine or perhaps Currr'Ipa needed some illegal droid parts or an illegal droid delivered?

Any character Tie-ins have to either know each other very well from missions, or is perhaps a one-time smuggling deal.
Qoocgo only has friends in the business sadly.

As for Aspa, I feel like I should know you simply because of your father. We'll either be friends or foes.

I have no issue with that Meanmelter. You could have been in his employ in the past and we have worked together. Friend or rival works for me. Perhaps a bit of both?


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