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Name: Rebecca Wendell
Age: 16
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Concept: Small town girl with a heart set on adventuring, helping others, and finding her closest friend.
Physical/Personality Description: Rebecca wears a simple light-brown tunic which has a black short-sleeved shirt and matching shorts underneath it. Fingerless black gloves cover her hands. Her dark brown boots nearly reach her knees, but they stop just soon enough to offer her legs full flexibility. A dark red scarf is wrapped around her neck at all times, no matter what temperature it is. Her dark gray hair, nearly blue in shade, has long bangs that are kept out of her soft brown eyes by a headband that is the same color as her scarf.

For the most part, Rebecca is a cheerful girl who tries to see the bright side of life. She does not like to see others being depressed and goes out of her way to bring a smile to their faces, even if she is not always successful. While her first conversations with people will usually be friendly, she gets angry easily if her buttons are pushed. Such matters that upset her include bullying, thievery for self gain (as opposed to survival or to assist other people), and far more dire crimes, such as murder. Because Rebecca is a highly emotional person, it is easy for her to forget any carefully laid plans and get into trouble from rash decisions. She also has trouble with lying to other people for this reason, since her face usually gives away her discomfort with it.

Background: Born in a tiny town in the countryside, Rebecca was never lacking in people she cared for. She grew up with her two parents raising her lovingly, her father being a farmer and her mother making clothes of practical use. Her grandfather, despite being a much older man than most in the town, continued to live a healthy life while teaching youngsters how to fight. The children of her age were friendly and they often played together. Though she liked many of them, her closest friend was a boy a year older than her named Lucas. He was a quiet child who had a difficult time making friends. Rebecca initiated conversations with him until he became comfortable around her, to the point that they began to trust each other greatly.

When Lucas became fifteen, he suddenly announced to Rebecca that he was going on a journey to achieve something. He would not tell her what even though she begged to know. In spite of how connected they had become, this was the one part of his life Lucas wanted to keep secret from her. He promised to send her a letter once a month until he returned. When she was still upset, Lucas brought out a gift for her. It was a scarf to match the headband she had made years ago out of some leftover cloth from her mother's work. Lucas had taken sewing lessons from her mother and put them to the test by making this final item to give to Rebecca. He swore on it that when he finished, he would come home. Rebecca finally backed down after this, though she demanded that he keep to his promise with the communication.

For the first year and a few months after, Lucas' letters came regularly. Then they stopped suddenly. Rebecca instantly grew worried, knowing that Lucas would not stop unless he was in trouble. The thought of him being dead crossed her mind, but she shoved it aside, telling herself he must be alive and simply unable to contact her. After three months went by without anything, Rebecca made up her mind to search for him. She went to her grandfather to ask him about going on an adventure of her own. After some initial hesitation, he taught her how to use a crossbow and focus on vital spots. She had experience in stealth from her childhood, where games she played with other children served as her education. Picking locks had been another mischievous trick of hers to make off with freshly baked food. Though she was never trained formally, Rebecca had a skill set that got her grandfather to at last give her the go ahead. She bid farewell to her family and has been traveling ever since to find Lucas.

Future Plans: Rebecca plans to keep traveling until she is reunited with Lucas. She would like to continue traveling after if he is willing to go with her, but she would also follow him home if he wished to go there. There are no ambitions for great power in Rebecca's future, though if she continues her current path without success at finding Lucas, she may start to become more accustomed to the darkness as her ally. (Shadowdancer being considered if her development leans that way. It will depend on how the story goes.)
Posting Rate: At least once a day, often more if the situation allows it.

Name: Amaen Dwin'Aear
Age: 110
Race: Sun Elf
Class: Wizard
Concept: Spoiled elvish princess with a gift for the magical arts and a wish to prove herself

Physical/Personality Description: Amaen is relatively tall for an elf, with wide green eyes and copper hair that flows loose down her back. She has a preference for expensive, delicate garments that do justice to her features and graceful silhouette.

Amaen has always found it easy to draw people to her, both because of her beauty and of her genuine interest in them. She may have become slightly manipulative because of this, influencing - and at times using - people to reach her objectives - although she would never admit doing it. Amaen is determined upon her goals, but cautious in setting a course.

Background: Amaen is the spoiled daughter of a prominent fine clothes merchant. Her parents raised her like a princess, sparing no expense to make sure she would receive the best possible education. Within their clan, the Dwin'Aears are known to possess a certain gift for magic (their name litterally means 'Those who walk on water'); Amaen's magical aptitude therefore came as no surprise.

When she decided to grow her magical powers, and told her parents that adventuring was her only way to do so, her father hired the best mercenaries he could find to serve as her scouts and bodyguards. Once again, no expense was spared to ensure Amaen's success - and, most importantly, that she would return safe.

Amongst adventurers, Amaen has therefore had it easy, owing much of her progress to her family's fortune - at least in the initial stages. Now a wizard with some experience, she is looking for a challenge - both as an opportunity to prove herself once and for all, as well as to give something back after receiving so much.

Future Plans: Amaen strives to develop her magical abilities. Ultimately, her ambition is to become an Archmage.

Posting Rate: 1 to 2 posts per day.

Name: Moriel Windshadow
Age: 146
Race: Star Elf - Humanoid (Elf, Extraplanar)
Class: Bard 2
Concept: Wandering Minstrel

Name: Sydrik Bladebiter
Age: 26
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian/Fighter
Concept: Fierce and reckless melee fighter
Physical/Personality Description: Physical: Brawny and barrel chested Sydrik stands at an unimposing 5' 9'' but weighs in at a hefty 260lbs. His face is worn down more than that of a man twice his age and is scarred too many times to easily count.The vast majority of his facial scars are covered by the massive beard he keeps immaculately cleaned. His nose has obviously been broken many times and reset poorly every time. He has eyes the color of steel and waist length pitch black hair. Both his beard and his hair are braided to keep them in place. The rest of his body is just as damaged as his face.
Personality: Sydrik is an amazingly happy man considering that he spent most of it as a slave. Long ago he learned to harness his anger and turn it to his advantage. He is almost obsessive about keeping himself clean due to his long years spent in filth. He is boastful, proud and fiercely loyal to any who show him kindness. He will go out of his way to help those who truly need it and has no patience for those too lazy to help themselves. He loves to enjoy life as much as possible whether that be with women, wine or song because he realizes just how suddenly that life can be ended.
Background: Sydrik escaped from a slaver who used him as a pit fighter in an underground arena. He was sold at a very young age after the deaths of his parents left no one to care for him. He was trained to fight ruthlessly and with no regard to his own safety...all that mattered was that he put on a good show. He escaped from captivity by choking one of his crueler guards with his manacles after feigning sickness in order to lure the guard into his cell. With the guards weapon he made his way to the home of his former master and exacted his revenge. he then struck out on his own for whatever life may send his way. Turns out mostly what life wanted to send his way were jobs as a bodyguard or muscle for hire.
Future Plans: Sydrik has a very simple plan. He plans to stay alive as long as possible and enjoy every single second of it.
Posting Rate: 1-2 times per day.

Name: Ythar Zvedrin
Age: 24
Race: Mulan Human
Class: Fighter
Concept: Man questioning the purpose of the divine.
Physical Description/Personality: Muscular of average height. Brown skin with a slight yellow hue. Lightly browed on a broad face, large brown eyes, almost black that turn down slightly at the outside corners.

Ythar rather stoic. He is relatively quiet, preferring the soothing melody of the waves crashing on the beaches of Ilmwatch to human company. Those companions he does keep he is ever loyal to. Despite being a man of the sword, he rather well read. He loves reading, especially books about religion. He is a faithless man. While some pity him and fate that awaits him at the walls, he is not convinced that his soul will be melded at the wall of faithless, or stolen by devils.
Background: Before coming to Implitur he lived in Uther with his father and mother in the town of Shussel. His father was a Mulan blacksmith and often found himself providing weapons to the men of Uther in their war effort against the Mulhorand. His mother was Shou who emigrated from Shou Lung during the Tuigan invasion and ended up in Shussel.

Ythar had never been one for worship. His father was too busy with work to pray and his mother looked to her ancestors for guidance or the spirits she said flowed through the world. The faith of the Unther was failing them against the Mulhorad. As such, Ythar saw no reason to bow down to gods who provided no assistance. When he was not with his father in the smithy, he would be reading whatever he could. His favorites were history and religion. On how the Mulan came from another world, brought to Toril by the evil Imaskari. Or how the Orcgates brought the green skins and they and their gods decimated Faerun. He could never understand why people put faith in the gods, why they begged, prayed, pleaded and yet were always failed by them. He especially disliked Ao. All the power to save people and left it to incompetent or impotent gods.

In 1370, while in Messemprar on business for his father, the "Vanishing" happened in Shussel. Upon his return the city was devoid of life. While he tried to carry on his fathers business it was useless. A year later, Mulhorad forces occupied the city. When they began shipping more troops and supplies through the city, Ythar left and boarded a ship to Implitur.

In the kingdom of the Queen Regent, Ythar abandoned his previous life and took to the profession of the sword. He still read and still studied though with a heart ever hardening against the forces the ran the world.

Future Plans: Ythar adventures to seek more knowledge and understanding. He hopes to in the future settle and have a family, but now he searches to find the truth behind the gods. (Fighter 2/Human Paragon 3/Ur-Priest)

Posting Rate: 1-2 times a day, maybe more if life allows.

Thresh Rellgrav'kur, the Son of Hate

Concept: Half-orc who hates his place in society, so goes into the forest, where he discovers magic that can eventually let him change out of his hated half-orc form and be accepted.
Future Plans: Going for Druid until level 5, then going into Master of Many Forms for the full 10, then back to Druid for the last 5 levels.
Posting Rate: At least 1/day. Quite a lot more on weekends. I have a lot of free time.

Name: "My, ugh, name? I am called... Thresh. It was Thresh. That what they call me. Thresh Rellgrav'kur. It mean "Beast son-of-hate". Orcs not good with names."

Age: "I live for... Twenty years plus one. That how long I live. Seven years in forest, ten plus four with orcs."

Race: "I is half-elf and half-orc. How that happen I do not know. Me suspect foul play of some sort. I no show being half-elf: I show half-orc. I wish I showed elf. Then I'd look like elf, but people not hate elves. Most of them, at least. People hate orcs. All orcs. Even half-orcs like me."

Class: "Me no understand question. "Class"? Me no go to school. Orc school is "kill things", and that all orc school is. Forest no have schools either. Me have no class, since me have no school. I think that how it work. Ohh, not that form of "class"? Me no care. Me no go to school. If mean fighting style, me have blade and me have forest to help. That all I need." (Druid, with the level 1 Half-Orc Druid substitution level)

Physical/Personality Description: "Me tall, like elf and orc parents. Me stand at six feet and inches two. My skin is gray, and me has many scars from fights with animals. My hair is black, and dirty since no need wash in forest. Only wash so smell doesn't scare prey. Me has lower tusks, like orc; Me keeps them sharp and pointy and shiny. My teeth are not good, since all in forest to eat is animals and plants. Plants taste yucky. Constant meat no good for teeth, but it good for me! Ha! Some say me have beady eyes, and they are a weird color called "hay zell." I no know what "hay zell" is, but to me it look like weird brown. Me carry sword, a very good sword that useful in cutting through plants. When vines in me way, me slice them up good! Me speech is bad: Me grow up learning Orc, and Common is not common to orcs. Tusks make me slur speech too. Me no like common; Me prefer Orc. Too many vowels in Common.

Me not a people person. People hate me, expect me to be monster; I not monster! Me no want hurt them, but they ridik- ridicyul- make fun of me, so me has to make them shut up! If they no make fun of me I no hurt them. I think it simple. They think I simple. I not stupid, either. I think like regyu- regulor- normal human. Problem is me raised by orcs. Me get angry easy, and since I not good at Common I sound like stupid. If I speak in Orc, then me smarter than any Orc! But if me speak in Orc, then humans attack me since they no understand and think I is threatening them. Me hate this stupid body: Why I have to look like orc and not elf? People like elves, but they hate me. These tusks make hard to speak in Common, make me look like monster. Me no want people think I monster. Me want the hurting to stop. Why can the hurting not stop...

Background: "Me mother was elf, and me father was orc. Me mother was taken by me father's tribe, and held and tortured. Nine months later I was born, and they killed my mother because I was monster. I raised as orc, but whole tribe hate me because I part elf. When I was ten and four years old, my father was so ashamed of how weak I was that he no think me his son, or a member of tribe. He try to kill me. So me kill him. Then I run. Both parents dead, me a monster hated by me own tribe, I try to live with humans. They hate me, curse at me, insult me. People run and scream at sight of me. Guards chase me out of every town I went to, and people try to hurt me. When people attack me, I might kill them. I no try to do it, but it happen. So I have no family, no tribe, and can go to no human lands. Only thing that accepts me is animals, since they no judge.

So I live with animals. I move to forest, where animals are my friends and my enemies. They no try judge: To them, something is food or predator, and that is all. I live with animals for seven years, and from them I learn to hunt. I learn to control the magic of nature, and to turn it against anything who wants to hurt me. Me make armour from the hide of mighty bear, and me become one with the animals. For the first time in me life, I was happy. But after seven years, me get lonely. Me want friends not animals, who understand. So me find traveling caravan, because it near to my forest. They no find me until we get in town. Then they find me. They throw me in jail.

Me guess sneaking into town on caravan is a crime. Me not sure. Much change in seven years, but prison always stay same. This time, me had enough: Me no want be in jail! Me had done nothing wrong! Why they put me in jail just because I am part orc? I no know, and I NO CARE. I smash through the wood bars of the prison, and I get out. They send guards after me, but I kill them. Me too angry not to. They chase me out of town, so I go to new town. And then new town. And new town. Now I keep wandering, from town to town and hoping I might not be monster.


Name:Cora Cherrytoes
Age: 32
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue
Concept: A big-hearted hedonist out for adventure and fun, with the heart of a lion and the looks of a young Mae West.

Physical/Personality Description: A plump and pretty halfling lass with a fine head of curly auburn hair and a merry, conspiratorial smile. Over a light padded chainshirt she wears a loose white blouse and a red waistcoat, snug-fitting and cut specially to show off her curves. Like all halflings she is extremely proud of her feet, but unusually - not to mention scandalously, by halfling standards - she keeps them shaved and pedicured and paints her toenails with a tincture of red ochre, believing that there's nothing wrong with a girl improving on what she was born with.

Cora is cheerful, gregarious and pleasure-seeking. She loves her fun, her friends and her food. She also loves adventure and excitement and is up for any challenge. She is proud of her good looks and her independent spirit, and while she enjoys going out of her way to scandalise those around her (seemingly able to find a dirty joke for any situation) her attachment to the principles of free life and free love is anything but put-on.

Background: Cora was born into a loving and lively family, if a rather disreputable one - far too keen on adventures and mystery than was good for them, in the opinions of most of their neighbours, not to mention the disgraceful grooming habits of the ladies of the family. She grew up in a household full of fascinating souvenirs and a constantly fluctuating stream of distant relatives, who visited home once every so often with fantastic stories to tell and then left after a few months on another grand adventure. Cora idolised her adventurous relatives, and from a very young age longed to carry on the family tradition. As soon as she was old enough she bid her family au revoir and set out to make her name and fortune. While she missed her home, she was a girl with a talent for making her home anywhere she went and she looked forward to meeting new friends and sharing adventures with them.

Future Plans: Cora enjoys the finer things in life, so a retirement to a comfortable home with a loving soulmate (ideally one who's good at foot massages, which she adores) will always be in the back of her mind - but she enjoys the adventuring life so much that this seems very far away. Right now, aside from her holy trinity of treasure, pleasure and excitement she also wants to learn to handle herself better so that she can keep up with the big boys when trouble strikes (Planning to carry on as a Rogue with combat-focused feats. I may take some levels in Duellist, depending on whether I get that far and whether ranged or melee support is a priority for the team).

Posting Rate: 1 per day at least. Potentially more at weekends.


Name: Violet Genoinelle
Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Concept: Wandering fortune teller

Physical/Personality Description: Violet is a young human woman with the usual Tashalan features of dark olive skin and black, curly hair. She is of medium height and sturdy, athletic frame. A priestess in the Church of Savras, Violet wears ceremonial skeleton makeup when she is not adventuring; this makeup serves as her clerical vestments and is worn under normal Tashalan clothing. When she is adventuring, Violet wears a suit of banded armor and limits her makeup to a single skull design drawn over the top half of her face.

While Violet's eccentric appearance may be off-putting to some, her warm personality draws people in quickly. She is a decided extrovert, quick to laugh and smile and make strangers feel like they're family. There's also more than a little bit of entertainer in Violet: she loves to turn even the simplest orison into an occasion for song and ceremony, and her worship services to Savras (whom she calls "Papa Third-Eye") are vibrant and enthusiastic.

Background: Violet Genoinelle grew up in Tashluta, the metropolitan capital of Tashalar. She was the daughter of innkeepers, and from an early age she helped her parents by cleaning rooms, preparing food, and taking care of visitors. Her father--a devout follower of Savras--taught her to read divinatory cards, and she ended up operating a side business fortune-telling in the lobby of the inn. As she was not a cleric at this time, Violet's divinations were not always accurate; but the customers enjoyed her performance anyway and the god of truth smiled upon her work often enough to keep it profitable.

When she was 15, Violet went into training to become a cleric. She continued to help out at the family inn during her studies. However, tragedy soon struck in form of Violet's aunt, her mother's sister, a druid of Talona. One day this aunt showed up at the inn and announced she was staying for an indeterminate period of time; Violet's parents correctly assumed she was on the lam, but they let her stay. She ended up staying for months, and when Violet's parents finally forced her out, she vowed revenge. The next day, all of the guests at the inn became violently ill, and several died. The fallout from this scandal was enough to drive Violet's parents out of business, and they ended up moving out of Tashluta, returning to a family farm near the jungle.

Violet did not go with them. She continued to study at the Savran seminary until she became ordained. Now, effectively homeless, Violet travels near and far serving the will of her god, delivering prophecies to whoever asks and occasionally even trying to help people avoid a particularly nasty fate.

Future Plans: The most natural prestige class plans for Violet would be either Loremaster or Divine Oracle (from Complete Divine), since both classes emphasize divinations and allow for full-caster progression, but I'm not tied to either of those. I could easily see her staying a cleric for the full run.

Posting Rate: 1/day


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