OOC- The Kitchen Table

OOC- The Kitchen Table

Hiya, here is a place for people to get to know each other... So I guess I will start us off.

My name is Kelly, and I'm a 26 year old woman from the Seattle area. I drive a bus for a living, and have been going back to get a degree in either political science or sociology. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, and romantic getaways.

And is tradition with all of my games... Who is getting getting the pizza? One Two Three, not it. *puts a finger to her nose* I like pepperoni.

Pizza? *argh* my stomach ulcers *keels over, dies with nose on finger*

I'm GMing a Final Fantasy game, dreadfully aware that I work retail and enjoy all sorts of comics and animation.

Hey there,

I'm Originally from Alaska, but living in Georgia right now. I have a degree in physics, with a minor in nuclear egnineering, and I'm currently serving as an officer in the US army. This will be the first time that I have played D&D, but I love RP'ing, and Kelly assures me that this is a good place to get started. I look forward to adventuring with you all.

*Puts an obligatory finger on his nose*

Hello everyone, yet another applicant in the making. I'm originally from Vermont but going to school in Ma at the moment. Not really sure what my degree will be in (at present I have 3/4 of an engineering degree, half a business degree, and half a math degree). And as it so happens, I love to cook so I'll just go ahead and make pizza lol.

Oh, I guess I should say a bit more so I don't seem mysterious and aloof. Twenty-two year old female, going for an English-Writing major, live in Colorado, have been doing DnD since I was... thirteen I believe. I like pizza with bacon on it and am happy to buy if it means getting everyone together for a good time.


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