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Hello all. My name is Hunter, I'm an ancient computer tech living in Alaska. I've been playing D&D of various flavors since high school and am currently DMing a game in meatspace for my friends. Looking forward to hopefully playing with some of you

35 year old female here. Been playing D&D with the boys since I was a boy. My fiance' Hawkler plays on here as well.
I enjoy playing, and have a family. I enjoy strong roles, but love playing rogues so much.

The Asperger's mind in motion.
"35 year old female here." Well that's cool, I always enjoy having other women as players... Who knows, maybe someday I'll have an all female group.
"Been playing D&D with the boys since I was a boy." Well I guess that is a long time-wait a second... what? Usually it doesn't work like... oh. *blushes*
Moral of the story, Kelly needs to go to bed before 10 to 10 when functioning on an 8 hour sleep debt.

Yes I do... So occasionally I get kinda quirky depending on how much sleep I've had and what the topic is... Oh, and how emotionally charged it is.

Female Alaskan. Degree in psychology and criminal justice, I currently work as a Probation Officer with a part time job as floor staff at a drug rehab place. Pretty new to D&D but old hat at forum RPs.

Heya Heavenshounds (in case you havn't read your mail yet) you can post your character to the roster thread.


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