OOC- The Kitchen Table

Hey all, I am Blick from Blickety Blick Blick.
That can be roughly translated to Florida, where we have real romantic beach walking :P

I have been playing D&D since it was actually D&D and not AD&D and then to D&D, the video game.

Oh forgot the real life stuff. DBA with degrees in, well, DBA stuff.

Looks like I'm going to be the rogue of the adventure. I'm looking forward to playing with you all!

One thing I didn't see in the ad, which I may have missed and apologize if I have: do you want max HP first level, roll other ones? Or an average?

The story will be starting on Tuesday as two of the players still need a bit to finish up their characters.

how do you want the character sheets submitted? and what are the specific mechanical rules for generation?

32 point, gold by level

And then you just attach the sheet to the game.

sorry, i'm not really familiar with the workings of the boards yet... how do i "attach the sheet to the game"?

Go to your character sheet lists by clicking the "Sheets" tab at the top bar. Then you should see an option to the right of the sheets. It says "Add to Game." Click on that and select "Fallen Earth."


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