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Sorry Fawks ... but we are in Group 1, so he maybe working on inviting a Group 2 ???

Not all GM's send bad luck letters to those who don't make it (I always do), but Dredge had about 1/2 of the MW community apply I think

I'm not sure about that. Just a lot of the people that posted in here got in. Though, I figured when another sorcerer joined that my chances got even less. XD

We'll see what happens if there is another group. Gratz all. :3

Thanks Fawks ... watch that CG doesn't start stalking you now ... she's following me everywhere I go ... she has even started getting places before I do ... I can't stand it ... she's ... she's ... ahhhhhhh!!!!


Originally Posted by Celtic Guardian 7 View Post
Gosh, now I feel guilty for applying with a sorcerer. >_>;
You should! lol

But really, I'm just joking with you. I'm just sore because I've lost a few things today. Not a fun day so far, but I'll live. There are always other things I can try. :P

NGP is a dirty liar who stalks ME into every game I apply for. =(

Honestly Fawks, I can understand. I get depressed whenever I don't get accepted. My logical side understands I can't get into every game I apply for, and I really do appreciate the ones I do get in. But even so, it's hard to not be disappointed.

Yah, CG got into the last game she stalked me into (by getting there first ... she's sneaky I'm telling you) and I didn't ... it does hurt, especially as you put a lot of effort into creating your character and jumping through the GM's hoops (my hoops were put out by the existing players (of which, CG was one of them) -- and boy do the new peeps have to jump hard ...

On top of the tower (up the mountain ???) something like that


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