Ikedori Satsui, the Hunter

Ikedori Satsui, the Hunter

Name: Ikedori Satsui
Class: Capture Specialist/Rider (will want to go Collector ASAP)
Age: 19

Backround Information/Description: Satsui is Kantoen, with the deep purple eyes that marked him as a native Fuschian. He was born to a pair of Pokemon Trainers that worked in various capacities, his mother bing a professional Tournament Battler and his father being a fisherman. Satsui is athletically built, with black hair cut above his ears and several scars on his arms which he keeps bare. He prefers to work bare-chested, despite being lean, but often wears sleeveless shirts instead. If he needs to be protected, he'll don a denim jacket and a wide-brimmed hat. He constantly wears a pair of cargo pants, having a few that are varying shades of brown and green.

Tenure: He worked with the Warden of the Safari zone, and was apprenticed to him during his training. He would use his Doduo, fortified by Yellow Aprijuice, to run down and capture unruly or injured Pokemon with powerfully modified Safari balls, then bring them to be sold or treated, depending on the need. He had gotten rather good at it over time, learning a bit under their ballsmith and the Rangers that tended the population. He had gotten the Fuschia City Gym Badge at one point, relying on the power of his Ryhorn and the type advantage against their many insects with his Doduo. Despite him valuing himself with his catches more then his badges, he considers his Soul Badge to be his most prized possession.

Pokemon Wishlist: Arbok, Arcanine, Aerodactyl, Haxorus, Gyarados, ALL THE 'MONS

End Goal: He is in it for the adventure. He wants to catch them all, and isn't afraid to pursue a Pokemon to the ends of the earth. He is not leader material, despite his boisterous personality, and will only take charge in the absence of another forceful personality. He chafes at being too restricted however, and a leader who picks caution all of the time is asking for a rebellion!

Quote: "Fortune favors the bold!"

Music... not sure on the pick. May change later.

My thread, it has no comments. No comments makes me a sad panda.

Not much to say man, it's a solid app with no mathematical errors, I mean I love the part with the Soul Badge, and while I noticed you never did get a yea or nay on starting as a collector, there's not anything beyond that that needs to be asked.

You're competent and well rounded... and nothing humorous to point out.

I will probably befriend you...

I would too, but you seem too sane and ration to challenge to a fist fight when Savannah meets you.

With the height/weight stats you have now, I would want to be crazy to want to fight you. You look like a chemotherapy patient.

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