Heiko Kudzu


You set up a local stystem(with the help of the professor), but it doesn't inforce the 6 mon limit. anyone would get really suspicious when you come into down with an army of pokemon at your heels though.

That's what pokeballs are for. They allow you to fit your army of horrible monsters in your pockets! How novel.

...What if the army was composed of adorable Eevees?

You'll get laughed at, until they start hyperbeaming everything.

Spike doesn't live in a pokeball. He walks side by side with me. Much like Ash's Pika.

Eevees are adorable.

Yeah, as long as you also plan to follow Ash's example and never evolve your growlithe, the problems will be minimal. Growlithe are very people-friendly after all.

If you think Eevees are adorable, you should look at the picture that the Collector advanced class has.

A swarm of Eevees!

You will probably have trouble in metropolitan areas if you walk around with a fully grown Arcanine.

This is starting to annoy me. The plural of ANY Pokemon is itself. The plural of Eevee is Eevee. The plural of Heatmor is Heatmor. There are literally no exceptions.


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