Heiko Kudzu

That's a lot ruder than someone with Charisma 20 should be.

Yeah she doesn't really reflect her charisma score properly.

An attribute does not pervade every aspect of one's being. A wise man can still at times be a fool, and a smart man can make mental errors. Heiko is quite capable of exerting her charisma, I was kind of going for the whole 'uncomfortable around people, takes solace in animals' vibe.

It's like an uneducated genius, on the surface they appear deficient in their strengths, but deeper down their mental gifts shine forth.

Also, isn't Kudzu one of those infections destroy your ecosystem plants?

Kudzu is a particularly fast-growing vine/ivy plant thing. It's a real problem in certain areas.

Can Spike just use Ember and burn it down? Or is it immune to fire?

Lord knows if Savannah say you she'd try to forcefully drag you out of your shell.


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