Pantheon Creation

Pantheon Creation

I know that a couple of you have stated that you would like your God to be part of a Pantheon, or that you would be interested in looking at the formation of you. So, any one who is interested just pop in here and see what you can come up with.

All right so my character was the spirit of a warrior who became a god slowly by providing his tribe with advice and guidance. Over time he began to get more attuned to nature and his preachings reflected this. Now he charges his people to protect and respect nature, while not falling into excess.

Anyone have something to match up with this?

Asa can fit in a pantheon with pretty much any other deity, except for actively evil (read: thieving and murdering) ones.

She does value people and property above nature, but she also knows that people will steward and protect nature if left to their own devices, because it is to their advantage to do so.

Guess I should have asked this before I posted in here but what does a pantheon mean in this game; are the gods related, friends, enemies, act like neighbours, just know of each other?

That is a good question. I wouldn't mind mine being in a pantheon, and whether he is or not, he gets along well with others; but, say, the greek pantheon, they didn't seem to get along much. Is it more like family, than friends?

Pantheons can be anything from Family, Allies or simply a group of Gods who thought it would be better to have more power combined. Inside the Pantheon you can still battle for control etc like in Greek mythology.

Well, the Puppeteer might be in the pantheon, but he's most likely to stay with his own people, or travel the mortal realm.

I think it would be especially fitting if Asa had divine children. A mother goddess as the mother of the rest of the pantheon (or at least most of it) is fairly common in mythology (Shakti, Dana, Rhea), and I think the pre-established relationships would, at the least, be interesting. I think it would also be interesting to have the pantheon be familial like that, because then the gods would be like a tribe, mirroring their mortal followers, and they would interact and mingle with other pantheons as mortals do with other tribes.

Alright here's my ideas for my god's, Kreemare, phanteon relationships, if any, in no particular order. If any sounds good, bad, or if you have anything else in mind please post a response.


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