Drevlin Anderson the Ace Trainer

Drevlin Anderson the Ace Trainer

Name: Drevlin Anderson
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Concept: Pokemon Trainer & Explorer
Home Town Pallet Town
Class: Ace Trainer-4
Advanced Class: Enduring Soul-1
Level: 5
Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daPo6q4FXDw




Character Sheet

Pokemon Roster

Hatter... you start at level 5, and with two level 10 Pokemon.

I know this. I just copy and pasted this from my office file. I haven't got the chance to edit it yet. But thanks. I am waiting to here back from Reemos on some things before I continue.

if a move says grant Firestarter or Tracker. What does that mean? Are these feats I should look for in the book or what?

They are capabilities. List them after your movespeeds and the like. Also, math errors:

You are short one Feature. There is nothing stopping you from grabbing enduring soul right now.

Advice: Lower charisma to 8 for that extra stat point, put it in whichever of str or con did not start at 16. Replace I can take a Hit with the first two Enduring Soul features, and add in Improved attacks Z.

Your Growlithe's hit points are miscalculated. The Proper value is 42, assuming you are allowed your level 15 mon with more xp then the rest of the party combined.

You have not selected which ability Spike has. I recommend Flash Fire.

Also, looking in the future, you might want to consider replacing that 14 dex with a 10 dex and making that wisdom 14 base lowered to 12. Guardian is a solid advanced class to complement enduring soul, and you can cross class into it from enduring soul if you have 12 wisdom.
You have not selected a gender for Spike. Do so. I recommend female.

Maybe it is my tired state. But I am just not understanding what you're saying. What capabilities are you talking about? Also what ability do you mean? Where do I find that?

The rest I understand and think it makes sense. I will go ahead and see about fixing myself to Enduring Soul

A capability is a minor thing a pokemon has to offer, like firestarter. It means that a pokemon can start fires without using a formal move. Other examples of capabilites are glow, which allows the pokemon to act as a light source, and tracker, which allows them to... track.

You have listed on Spike's sheet:
Basic Abilities: Blaze / Flash Fire / Intimidate
High Abilities: Justified

You don't get all of these, you have to pick one of the first ones. At level 40, you get to pick another one, with which you can pick the high ability as well. Flash Fire is the best one, take it.

Also, you didn't specify a gender for your growlithe. I recommend female.

Reviewing, you did indeed specify a gender. I missed it as it wasn't in a formal spot on the sheet.

Yeah I suck at coding and was combining stuff from the pokemon pokedex book and pokemon wiki. Okay I understand what you mean now. I will go read up on Flash Fire.

I can't code like you did for your pokemon section. If you can do that for me and spike I could just copy and paste it. I would love you forever. If not no big deal!

Your new sheet has one too many features. Get rid of either brutal workout or I can take a hit. I recommend the latter.

Also, bit of advice: If you spread out your mon's level up points, it will be vastly weaker then it should be. Also, you have yet to select a nature, which modifies the base stats by +2/-2. You can get one of the ones that don't modify stats naturally.

Bare minimum, take those points you put in defense and special defense and put them in their corresponding attack stats.

Also, the code thing is a forum tag, it turns the contents into a notepad like format. use (code)(/code) only with [][] instead of ()()

You have yet to correct your math error vis a vis Spike's hit point total. You do not multiply your level by 3 for the calculation, therefore Spike's hit points is 42, not 72. If level alone gave that many hit points no one would ever put stat points in HP.


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