Drevlin Anderson the Ace Trainer

I have applied all of the changes you mentioned and must say it is looking pretty good. I can't defend too well but the High Attack and HP makes up for that.

My hp should be correct now. Level 15 plus HP value of 11 is 26. Now multiply 26 by 3 and you get 78.

That's not how you calculate pokemon hit points. Here's how it goes.

I have a hit point stat of 11. This is multiplied by 3 to get 33. I then add my level of 15 to get 48.

Also, more small easy to make errors:

Your nature modifies hit points. Hit point modifying natures only alter it by 1. Therefore, your base hit points is 7.

Second, your nature has modified the base relation, so attack is now one of your lower stats. Your attack MUST be less then all of your speed, hit point stat, and special attack. Your speed MUST be less then your hit point stat and special attack. Take those attack stat points and distribute them amongst Hit points, Special attack, and Speed. Keep them roughly even, but your speed must always lag behind by at least one point.

Okay let me go fix those. I also changed my character picture. Found one I liked better.

Does that look right. I switched the attack value of +5 around with the HP value of +3.

It is just barely inaccurate. Your attack stat cannot be equal to your speed stat. However, I recommend abandoning attack entirely and just putting all of those points into speed (2 of them) and special attack (1)

Incidentally, I notice you took that female recommendation. Now I can have my very own puppy soon enough... mwahaha.

I thought it was something to do with the game not breeding. LOL but hey whatever helps out the team right!

And fixed now! Now if only I can figure out how STAB works!

That totodile looks drunk.

good! Ohhh

Reemos, second pokemon request is for a drunk Totodile!

STAB is easy, it's an acronym for Same Type Attack Bonus. In the video games, this multiplied the damage of moves that were of the type the mon using them by 1.5. In P:TA, it adds the value to the damage of such moves.

In other words, you add STAB to any fire moves Spike uses. So Ember does 1d12+6 + 12 (sp. attack) + 10 (Imp. atk. Z) + 3 (STAB), for a final brutal total of 1d12+31. This will one-shot anything that it is super-effective to at our level, and for fragile ones it will also risk killing them. Bite just does 2d10+8 + 5 (attack) + 10 (Imp. atk. Z), for a much less impressive but still staggering 2d10+23.

It is also not too late for you to start with two mons, one of which being an alcoholic Totodile.


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