Drevlin Anderson the Ace Trainer

Nah I will just stick with the one. Maybe on the ship ride over I can find an alcoholic Totodile in the ship's store rooms and I calm it down by petting it while it vomits. LOL

Thanks for all your help. I sent you a friend request because of it.

Now I really want to play with you and have our character's be best friends!

No offense, but I don't think our characters are on the same wavelength, interaction wise. I'm going for a very particular archetype with Heiko, and part of it includes certain qualities in the other members of the party. While of course I don't really have any say about it and will survive and cope if it goes the other way, I would prefer that your character not be selected for the final party, as your character clashes with the archetype I'm going for.

Conflict is always a good thing, it helps with character developement over the course of the game.

Also, why are you acting like you've already been accepted, it's only the second day.

That's not what I mean. My character is supposed to be the consummate doormat, pulled in every which way by the forceful personalities around her. Drevlin just isn't that kind of character, I can tell. While there is a place for the mutual shyness causing romantic tension, I'd rather not have a romantic subplot.

Plus, he has Satoshi syndrome, and those types always give me a headache.

I've been dying to play this character archetype for years, and I finally have an accomplice in Darchias.

And while I agree that I may be putting on airs of already being accepted, I like to refer to it as being confident in my application.

Requim that is just a very rude thing to say. You're telling me you don't want me in the game? That is just no cool. Please don't say things like that again to me.

I don't want a romantic sub plot with you. Not where I was going at all. Your character seemed rather nice and fun to get around with. So I figured they could be best friends of sort. Regardless because of what you said to me, I don't wish to be friends with your character at all.

I wasn't acting like I was picked either. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. I was hoping to get picked and I was hoping for both of us to get picked.

Alright, we need to calm down a bit here. I somewhat agree that two omegas in the party is just as bad as two alphas, but I think we can make it work regardless. Jeer, you may have sabotaged our chances with that... 'Confidence'.

I am calm. Nothing in my post stated otherwise, I do believe. Yes I am highly upset by the comment because it was uncalled for. But I am willing to let things go. Not trying to upset anyone here.

MadHatter, it's nothing personal. I'm a very experienced roleplayer, and have played wide varieties of games and characters. One archetype I never got a chance to play well is the doormat type. I suppose my excitement has caused me to become overeager, and I do apologize to Reemos for my enthusiasm.

One of the drawbacks of the anticipation of getting to play this type of character is that I generally want everything to be just perfect. Now, of course I have no inclination to even attempt to manipulate the GM on this, which is why I was sure to qualify my statement as merely a statement of preference and by no way a dealbreaker one way or another. I can of course get along great with any other character and will take in stride anything the GM wishes to throw at me, up to and including a rejected application.

It's nothing against you, it is just your character is less then a perfectly ideal complement to my character, and I was merely stating such.

Also, if I had to pick between playing with a complete newbie and someone who wasn't, the latter wins 90% of the time.

That is no way shape or form an apology. I appreciate your help with the character sheet as the rules are poorly written in the book and confusing. But in all honesty I would like you to refrain from talking me. If I could figure out how to unfriend someone on here, I would. Your previous comments, about me pulling one on the gm, were insulting but I let them go.

However assuming you're already in the game and acting ,like you're better then me I will not stand for. If this was not your intention, then I do apologize. But it feels like to me, you're saying you're better then me.

If I get accepted yay. If I don't no big deal. But I certainly don't want you to not get accepted.

I really do respect you a lot more after your latest post in that other character thread. It's admirable, that kind of dedication. I do laugh a bit at you saying Ash was a badass Pokemon Trainer though. I admit his track record somewhat speaks for itself, but he has the problem of anime protagonists everywhere. They make him dumb for an excuse to throw exposition at the viewer all the time.

This is why the side characters always are liked more then the protagonist in an anime. They seem smarter and more badass because they get to GIVE exposition rather then receive it.


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