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I am sorry if you got upset by that and I may have sounded defensive in retrospect. But I got to tell you that post just made me think you didn't like me before. Which started to make me wonder what is going on here and what I did wrong. I am kind of feeling like I am getting a rub off here. Everyone seems to be giving me the cold shoulder.

I hate to sound picky. But do people not want me to play in this game? Cause I will go if I am not wanted. I don't want to cause any problems. I could of been Mistaken Darchias but not sure. Anyways thanks for the compliment and sorry if I cam across the wrong way.
Hatter, speaking as a unaffiliated third party observer who has run into this issue with you before, I think you may be reading subtext where there is none. This is one of the flaws of forums, in that you only get sentences, and you can't notice such clues to the person's emotions as voice tone, cadence, and emphasis, hand motions, facial expression, or nonverbal sounds such as sighs, or chuckles.I know you and I once had a miss communication based off this sort of thing.

Honestly I'd like you to be in the game, if I had to pick the party it Be you, me, Darchias, Jeer, and Aguro or Skychaser if we needed a fifth man.

This is true. I am trying to work on this flaw. But I very much do agree with you Vinom. It steps from having IRL friends shit on you so much you have to try and look for subtext in everything now. I did apologize to Darchias and will always admit my faults.

Just got to try and work past it. Did we have one Vinom? Sorry man but I don't remember it, I just know you're a good dude and I like playing with you. We most of worked it out then!


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