Cristi Oswin - Pokemon Babysitter

Cristi Oswin - Pokemon Babysitter

Name: Cristi Oswin
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class(es): Breeder / Hatcher /
Move Tutor or Groomer
Starters: Pico the Eevee and Lilly the Vulpix

Soundtrack: Rustling Throb ~Cloche~
K-ON - Don't Say Lazy

Wishlist: Venonat, Munchlax, Azurill/Marill, Solosis, Joltik, Sewaddle, Dratini, Bagon, and any baby Pokemon! But go ahead and throw anything at her, really.

Everything else is still a work in progress!

Vulpix I love them. Can me and Spike become friends with you. And my future drunk todidite!

Your link is broken for your pic btw.

Absolutely! Cristi is a huge team player and welcomes friends!

Edit: Odd. The link works when its copied and pasted. I'll have to find an alternate source.

*Hugs* YAY!

So yeah go pokemon!


Working on her, Pico, and Lilly's stats tonight.

I am confused by that picture. I wish she didn't have the chest of a 25 year old and the face of a 12 year old. I feel like Drevlin would want some of that though. LMAO!

You should help me catch a drunk todidite so I can name it "Sippy".

Its anime style. There's not much I could do.

Totidite? Do you mean Totodile? Totodile is awesome and cute ^^

Look at my character picture. I am not very good with pokemon. But I have a drunk totodile in my picture. If you can help me find one to name Sippy you can cuddle it and maybe Drevlin too. LMAO

I would totally let you start with that guitar though.


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