Cristi Oswin - Pokemon Babysitter

How come she gets a guitar and I can't have a fire starting device. I just want to light my pokemon on fire to increase their STAB every round. Come on it is only completely broken!

I'm giving Cristi Latent Potential. Can I roll for Pico and Lilly to learn a tutor move?

One each.


Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 21)

Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 15)

Yay! They both learn one ^^

But I'm confused. Latent Potential says they can learn one marked with a (N). I've never seen a move on the tutor list with that.

And I messed up the roll. I should of used her Wis mod of +4. So Lilly doesn't learn anything. /sadface

It's a mistake. Latent Potential is not a useful feature until higher levels, as it is only good for moves that could only be learned through a Move Relearner in the video games. Eevee and Vulpix does not have any such moves, so Latent Potential is effectively useless at this level.


Does it say that in 1.32? Cause that's a big typo that needs to be fixed, or people like myself will be happy to grab it not realizing its a typo.

On that revelation, unless Reemos says "No! You must keep it now!" I'm going to drop Latent Potential for later then.

It's... Not strictly a typo. They haven't marked any of the appropriate moves on the Pokedex at all.

Here's how you figure it out. Go on and look up a Pokemon. Latent Potential will tutor any move that the Pokemon learns at level -.
For example, a Breeder with Latent Potential can teach a Piloswine Peck and Ancientpower. This is, I should mention, the only way to evolve Piloswine.


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