Cristi Oswin - Pokemon Babysitter

I can imagine Pico would be the one to initially make contact with Hiero. He's playful and still somewhat childish, and often approaches trainers and Pokemon to want to play. This would probably draw Cristi to say hi just to recover the silly ball of fluff. After that point, Cristi would be very talkative and friendly towards Hiero.

That is a possibility although I do not see Hiero's pokémon being the overtly playful kind -- although the Unown might be subtly playful since Hiero does wear him on the back of his semi-ceremonial style coat almost all the time and when he's not there is an emblem that very closely resembles the Unown there so perhaps it winked at your pokémon when no one else was looking and then it was just an emblem -- sort of like hide-go-seek

Of course Hiero on the other hand would definitely be interested in Pico and after cataloging him probably even holding and petting him if Pico allowed or playing some kind of game if he did not.

On a slightly different not maybe their music could have drawn them together or at least aided in their getting along after Hiero came across wrong. Hiero plays a recorder and that could help them become friends -- I mean music does tend to transcend interpersonal interaction and Hiero can use all the help he can in that department.

Sort of like when you talked to him initially he came off like a jerk (although that was not his intent he is a nice guy) and then later sat played music together -- probably Hiero asking you if he could join you when you were playing sometime and you begrudgingly said yes and then after the music session you sort of got to know him better and realized that if he does not open his mouth and say those horribly stupid comments from time to time he is actually quite pleasant to be around and then it went from there.

Again just me tossing out some ideas trying see what paint sticks to the canvas so-to-speak.

Normally this sort of interaction is done in-game, not scripted in advance. Just a pet peeve of mine.

Well I am sorry that this is a pet peeve of yours and that you miss out on this kind of fun. I mean most of the time its great fun to create collaborative characters that start the game with some history between themselves this way you have some extra dynamics you can play off of coming right out of the gate that you would not be able to do otherwise. I have made brothers, fathers, grandfathers, lovers, rivals and good friends of other PCs prior to entering a game and every time I and the other player and sometimes the rest of the players all have had more fun because of it. Limiting yourself to being a bunch of strangers that coincidentally meet in some metaphorical tavern and then for some inexplicable reason decide to all go adventuring together just never made much sense to me. However this theme seems to predominate many games. I have my theories as to why but frankly I do not worry about that and simply reach out to other players when I see a possible connection and see what they think about the idea. Scripting a collaborative history is really no different than scripting your own your just adding another PC into your history rather than another NPC and this breathes a different kind of life into both of the characters as a whole.

So tell me what's wrong with having a couple of PCs already know each other (like in real life) and having some kind of established relationship prior to entering a game? Heck what's wrong with all the PCs having some kind of established relationship of some sort which includes a reason why they would be working together prior to entering a game?

Darchias's point is that you're not doing that, you are planning your introductions to each other in advance. Having PCs with background introductions to each other is perfectly fine and in many cases preferred. Now, Peter Thimble and Heiko, if they were both in the game, could of known each other beforehand, as they were both from high society in Celadon City. Other then that, the selections are pretty diverse.

Well from my understanding -- since we are coming from very divergent areas here and there that we are going to be a group of complete strangers that will either all meet up on the boat or in the city we end up arriving at (one of which will be our metaphorical tavern) and for some inexplicable reason decide to go adventuring together. All I am suggesting and sort of scripting with Filia Rose is both of us meeting prior to arriving at this metaphorical tavern (aka extended background that leads up to the game) because we both have a commonality that would allow for this and thus already know each other when we arrive and have a pre-existing relationship that sort of outlines why we are adventuring together so-to-speak. This does not guarantee that we will both be getting into the game and if one of us does and the other does not well we either drop the whole idea or we script it slightly such that writes one of the characters out of the picture and then the player that does get in has a little added history to their character.

Now however I find it extremely interesting that other players find this objectionable and it makes me ask the question... Why? It does not affect you or your character at all why would you find it such a negative element that you would go so far as commenting on it. I mean okay you would rather be a stranger to everyone when the game starts that is your choice but why would you go so far as to push your preference upon others?? That does not make sense to me. Frankly I am just tossing out possible ideas to Filla Rose to see if any of them interest them if they do they do if they don't they don't if we end up with an awesome idea between us great if we both get into the game awesome if all we do is settle on something that makes things a bit easier with those later introductions still, in my book, that is better than being complete strangers out of the gate.

I cannot speak for others, but in my eyes the meat of a role-playing game comes with the actual interaction between characters. If you script it out, ESPECIALLY in a public forum such as this, when the time comes to 'read the script', it makes it less enjoyable since you know what is going to happen.

If you want to script it out in private messages, fine. At least you are only diminishing your OWN enjoyment.

I don't care that much myself, I agree with Darchias that it's distasteful, but otherwise you're free to do so. I find my enjoyment from roleplaying games more in the creative problem solving aspects then the character interactions (still enjoy the character interactions of course), but I understand the desire to experience the enjoyment of doing so in the immediate sense instead of waiting for later.

I take it you are not understanding a major key element here we are not (or least I was not) planning on role playing this stuff out in game (role playing the results of it yes but the actual process no that is why we are scripting it) --- ultimately it is history just like my gaining my pokémon is history -- it has already happened -- we meet before we get on the boat before we get to the city before we arrive at this metaphorical tavern -- we have established some kind of relationship -- commonality -- bond -- whatever -- prior to the game starting -- its in place nothing needs to be role played out in game its not that kind of script its background its paint already applied to the canvas its just fresher than the earlier strokes and adds a bit a more color.

Oh and I have done this numerous times in a "public" forum (I put that in quotes because we are actually in Filla Rose's character creation thread and not in the actual public OCC thread) and this is actually the first time fellow players have made any sort of negative comments of any sort. And I find it rather weird that the two of you want to rain on someone else's parade? (well not necessarily Requiem_Jeer he already has a history here of raining on other player's parades -- and in case you missed it and to be absolutely clear I meant that as a friendly jest Jeer)

DeJoker, you yourself read all of the posts of all the other character entries, so you can't exactly claim this thread isn't public. It's not something extremely rude, scripting this stuff, it's just a faux pas. It's eating the meat with the salad fork.

Again, I would simply like it if you two would take it to a private forum.


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