Savana Rose

Savana Rose

Savannah Rose is a thirteen year old girl from the Orange Archipelago. Calling her dainty is a good way to get kicked in the face, twice. The tanned brunet is rather athletic, her whole body seemingly made of calluses and whipcord muscle. Her hair is cute, short and spiky, to keep people from grabbing hold of it. Savannah's fighting style revolves around fast movement on the battle field, fast hits, and working in cooperation with her pokemon to take down opponent's quickly. Her weapon of choice is a springy hazel quarterstaff she doesn't let get out of her reach, because not only is it a good augment to her reach and defense, but because some times a stout stick can solve problems all by itself. Savannah's clothes are minimalist, a tight sleeveless Gi top, and pants designed not to hamper movement, They were once colored white, but sea, wild and lack of care has given the whole outfit an uneven greyish hue.

Eye of the Tiger
Kung Fu Fighting
Ballroom Blitz


Athlete's a solid class, the most pokemon battle-oriented one that martial artist gets. Which is sad, because that means that martial artists are hands down the worst at helping their pokemon be amazing. Well, massage therapists are comparable, hard to say which one's better.

They do get easy juggler access though, as it used to be one of their advanced classes. It's much better then any actual martial artist class for pokemon battling.

Welcome to character thread Vinom!

Thanks Hatter.

@Jeer: Juggler, Blackbelt, Ace Trainer or Chaser all seem like decent options for this character.

I instantly befriend you!

I love you..... ^_^

It's not physically possible for a human, even a girl, to weigh only 87 lb. and be 5'7" without a truly severe case of malnutrition. If she was around 5 feet it would be more believable.

This is true. BMI charts may be shit for actually determining obesity, but it does helpfully provide reasonable weight ranges for RPG characters. I'd recommend just barely 'obese' for raw weight, given her musculature.

Edit: that would actually be 191 lbs, so maybe not quite THAT heavy. 160-70 seems reasonable.

Edit2: My character can get away with her weight, but she's a legal midget. I'm not kidding, the cutoff is 4' 10. I took those hieght/weight numbers from a girl my sister is friends with, and she had those at age 22.

Fixed the height weight issue, just remember she's still a growing girl. Also expanded her backstory.


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