Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Thank you all for submitting characters, I had a lot of fun looking them over and considering each one for this game. I liked them all so much I had to extend the amount I allow in the game by 1, so there will be 6 in the party. Those that were not accepted, thank you for submitting your characters anyway and I wish you the best of luck in other games. Perhaps we'll even have a chance to roleplay together one day in some other game

So without further ado, here is your cast for Forge of Fury:
Frey Skye-Human Fighter
Lael-Human Rogue
Tsr of Gsha-Lizardfolk Barbarian
Evelyn Hundler-Human Factotum
Paktow-Kobold Sorcerer
Thourin Arroway-Gnome Illusionist

Congratulations guys, I really look forward to this game and hope you all have a good time.
I realize there are no heals in the group, and I will try to make up for that in small ways, but will just force you all to be smart and resourceful.

Name: Tsr of Gsha
Race: Male
With some watered down racial modifiers for LA 0
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

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