Franklin "Bones" Jones

Or....pick whichever one is your favorite color!

I wonder if I could get a mewto as a pokemon?

Well I think Cubone is a pretty good fit. It's basically a version of Franky. Alone, tough, it has BONES! lol

As for a second choice I need a little GM advice Reemos. A scyther would be awesome, but I know it's pretty powerful at low levels. The offset is that it's only evolution does not add stats. It only rearranges them and so will be caught up and surpassed in many cases by other pokemon.

Another thought would be an Axew which is forest based and rare. That would fit into his hunting the far places for rare pokemon.

The third idea is a Duskull. Bulbepedia says it lurks in forests. If the other two would disqualify me or be unacceptable this would probably be my choice.

Cubone is a solid pick, it learns false swipe naturally which can be very helpful.

Axew would be a solid pick for type coverage, it's resistant to everything cubone is weak to. Scyther less so, but it doesn't seem to stop Vinom's character from having one, and nothing has been said about it. But Duskull is also very thematic to your character, so it's a tricky pick. It also has phasing AND invisibility, which if used as a possession target, can be a very effective spy platform.

Had a hard time trying to pick a song that would tell you about my characters personality.

Changed the music!

My character application is complete. I ended up going with a Cubone and Duskull!


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