Peter Thimble

Peter Thimble

In their early life Peter’s grandparents found entrepreneurial success selling collectible Pokedolls in the Celadon City Department Store. The huge success of their handcrafted plush Pokemon launched them into mass production of the toys for decades to come. Peter’s parents have lived under nothing but the most favorable of circumstances in his grandparents’ wealth. Having passed down their life of luxury onto him, when Peter expressed an interest in pursuing League Competition with actual Pokemon, his parents feared for their son’s safety.

On Peter’s ninth birthday his parents resolved that they wouldn’t keep their son from pursuing the life of a Pokemon Trainer. Instead, they settled on a compromise and applied Peter to the Pokemon Technical Institute. The family traveled later that year to visit Viridian City and the neighboring academy to gauge whether it served as a safe enough environment for Peter to reach for his dreams. Seeing proper students in uniforms and carrying books, Peter’s parents agreed to send him to the Institute after his tenth birthday. In her mix of excitement and nervousness Peter’s mother gifted him a Pokemon rescue from the Viridian City Pokecenter.

Peter adored the pointy-eared yellow mouse with electricity bristling inside the pink pouches on its cheeks from the day they first met. Although Peter’s boyish desire to be tough and strong precluded a desire for a more aggressive looking Pokemon his love for all species proved to be a stronger compulsion. With just a year in Celadon City before moving to Pokemon Technical Institute, Peter’s transition ran much more smoothly having a close friend in his Pichu.

Despite always having Franklin, his Pichu, Peter grew tired of the lessons and sterile environment of the school. Exciting things did happen occasionally, but it wasn’t enough to keep Peter’s interest. Even when Pokemon from other regions were brought to showcase new species, Franklin won his Phanpy Paisley in such an instance, he still longed to challenge Gym Leaders and catch wild Pokemon.

With the discovery of the Rifts off the Kanto Coast, Pokemon Technical Institute finally provided an opportunity Peter knew he needed to take. PTI offered a single spot for a student to study abroad in the new region. Despite his parents’ desire for Peter to stay within the safety of the school they realized they would never be able to confine their son forever so they provided the additional funds and support for Peter’s application to the program. Although many older students sought out the position the administration selected Peter to take the journey. Whether for his fresh perspective or his tenacity Peter faces a new day, and this time it’s on his terms.

Peter like most Pokemon Trainers is very young and, due in part to his wealthy upbringing, he has an exorbitant amount of entitlement and self involvement. Peter not only feels that he is a good trainer and that he has good and powerful Pokemon, but he has a confidence in his abilities that can often be grating. That this is intermingled with being relatively unaware of his great privilege in upbringing, wealth, and opportunity often leads others to consider him a spoiled brat. Despite all this, Peter is a generally kind and brave companion. His self involvement carries only into his words, but in behavior he puts his neck on the line for others when they need him most.

Never having an interest in coordinating or breeding, Peter was taught standard training methods for increasing his Pokemon’s performance. The trainer takes a very active role in Pokemon battles through terse commands and timely advice to his Pokemon. Although he has learned to maximize his Pokemon in battle it’s also very clear by his practices that he honors them as friends, and he never attempts to push them too hard. It’s this amount of care with his Pokemon that alludes to flecks of a heroic spirit beneath his rough exterior.

Despite always having a dream to venture the world, it is clear to anyone on the boat that Peter carries a heavy weight leaving his parents and old sheltered life behind him. Despite having worked for this his whole life it's still hard leaving everyone that made you.

Average in height and slender, Peter generally wears his school uniform from Pokemon Technical Institute consisting of white shirt, red tie, navy blazer, and matching pants. His shoes and belt are polished black leather. In perhaps what is simply personal flair or more a gesture of his freedom from rigid dress codes, Peter also wears a slate grey flat cap that casts a slight shadow over his green eyes. Beneath his cap Peter’s hair is twisted in a shaggy cow lick and is very short on the sides and back of his head. Peter’s backpack is a simple brown leather bag and his pokeballs are kept plainly on his uniform belt.

Quote"It's harder leaving home when you feel guilty that it feels so good."

Character Sheet
Age: 13 Level: 5 Theme Song: Small Town Moon
Gender: Male Class 1:
Prerequisite: STR 13 and CON 13 Bonuses: STR +1, CON +1 Penalties: WIS –2 Base Features: Enhanced Training and Improved Attacks
Ace Trainer
Height: 5'8" Class 2:
Prerequisite: Ace Trainer Bonus: STR +1 Base Features: Field Scout and Terrain Mastery
Weight: 120 lbs Class 3:
Max HP:
(Con 18 x 4) + (Lvl 5 x 4)
Evasion: +1 Damage: +4 Perception: +0
Diplomacy: +0 Knowledge: +1
Static Effect: Your AC check for Arms attacks is AC 6. Whenever you deal damage with an Arms Feature, add the highest of your STR, DEX, or CON modifiers to the damage dealt.
  • Whenever you use an Arms Feature, you deal [Damage Base 1 (1d10+4)] damage.
  • If you are level 10 or higher, you deal [Damage Base 2 (1d12+6)] damage instead.
  • If you are level 15 or higher, you deal [Damage Base 3 (2d8+6)] damage instead.
Arms User
At-Will Trigger: Your Pokemon fells a foe or scores a critical hit. Effect: Your Pokemon gains temporary Hit Points equal to your STR modifier doubled.
Daily Target: Self Effect: For the remainder of the encounter, none of your Pokemon receive movement penalties for moving through Rough Terrain, nor Accuracy Penalties when targeting foes in Rough Terrain.
Terrain Mastery
Static Effect: Each of your Pokemon gains and additional 20% the amount of experience they would gain normally.
Enhanced Training
Static Trigger: Your Pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits. Effect: When adding up damage dealt to the foe, add your STR modifier or your CON modifier before your foes subtracts their defense or special defense from the attack. The Feature replaces Improved Attacks.
Improved Attacks +
Daily Trigger: Your Pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits. Effect: Your Pokemon’s attack deals typeless damage.
Break Through!
Static Trigger: Your Pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits. Effect: When adding up damage dealt to the foe, add either half of your STR modifier or half of your CON modifier before your foe subtracts their defense or special defense from the attack.
Improved Attacks
Daily Target: Your Pokemon Effect: On its next turn, the target may use the move Rapid Spin as if it was on their Move List, and deals additional damage equal to your STR modifier.
Field Scout
2 Seen (25 till next level) 2 Caught (10 till next level) 124: Pichu 323: Phanpy
Kanto Pokédex
Great Balls
Poké Balls
Cures Poison
Heals 2d12+10 HP when used
500 pokéyen

I instantly befriend you!

I like the backstory, although I admittedly can't tell what classes you have entered from it. A negative quality, but a minor one. It certainly showcases why you are level 5 but are a little short on the pokemon strength side. Good work.

Thanks for the input and befriendings everyone! I think his class selection and such business will become more clear as I add bits on his personality and appearance, but I'll be careful to cover them if that isn't the case.

As I am not at all code savvy I borrow Requiem's format. Still a work in progress, but getting there!

If you edit it in Notepad, then the characters will line up exactly like that in the "code" tags.

I never really got why those tags were called code...

Anyway, I'd like to reiterate that I really like your entry and would love to be in this game with it.

Edit: Although I am confused on your stat arrangement, you going for tag battler?

Aw I was wondering if I could get those things to align better. I'll see what I can do. Does Word do the same trick?

Yes, moving toward Tag Battler despite the heavy costs. I figure this game offers a better opportunity to do so than most.

No, Word's spacing is different than the notepad.

You make a fair point... I felt the same, but Multitask has a bit easier than the Dual Wielding.


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