Red Hand Reunion

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

For a moment Slygoth finds himself in a quiet space within the chaos of the battle. He takes the opportunity to rip some material from his ragged clothing and bind his worse wound.

Then without pause, he lets out a growl and lashes out at the rat Vegan just attacked.

Sengir throws another bolt of radiant energy at the Skeleton.

Sengir frowns at the failure to hit the skeleton.

Dawn wishes Panitari back up away from the guiding magic of Sally. Forced to move she back up next to the psion, points Sally at the wererat and let's loose a bolt.

"First the wererat, then the skeleton," Dawn thinks to the kalshatar. Confidence returning with Bel's abomination brother gone and the carnage demon unmoving in a pool of it's own blood.

Bel continues her mad dash to find her step mother before Slygoth kills her. Something in the back of her mind begins wondering about these wererats, two now. Addy's bindings were chewed through by rats... Her conscious mind can't make any leaps though, all she can do is rush.

The wererat swings his sword at the passing elf, but she easily evades the attack. Stigley takes advantage of the momentary distraction, and cuts his blade across the back of the wererat.

Bel continues her mad dash to find her step mother before Slygoth kills her. Narrowly dodging the wererat she charges up the darkening corridor and around the corner to throw the door open.

"Sounds like a good plan to me" Dawn hears in her Mind from Panitari as she focuses on the wererat and tries to
Mind Thust
attack it's mind

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