Red Hand Reunion

Sengir turns his gaze to the rat again, feeling that it's empowered in a way from the rat's last attack he's determined for take it down.

and it's a swing and a critical miss, the gaze is reflected off a shiny surface and reflected back at me, I imagine getting a stern talking to by the head priestess.

Dawnm inspired by Sengir's defiance of the giant rat in spite of his grievous wounds quickly loads her crossbow and levels it at the wererat that would be so cowardly as to to attack a poorly armored and wounded man of the cloth. She quickly peels of two quick bolts at the wererat.

"Hang in there Sengir," she says to the cleric.

A twist!

Dawn hears a strange sound near her feet after striking the wererat chasing Sengir. She chances looking away to see what was making the sound. She looks down at the wererat laying on the ground next to her and quickly discovers that the wererat she thought she had killed was faking it. He is still very much alive, either stunned or playing dead to give his body a chance to heal. Perhaps that is why the other wererat started moving - to give it's companion a chance to recover.

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"Elf, stop bloody dancing around and get over here and see to the bull. I'll keep them off you.

Slygoth attacks again, aiming at the rat to finish it off, moving in close and leaving himself open to a counter attack from the rat he tries to deliver a telling blow.

Stat Block

Panitari turn and focuses on the Wererat at is attack Sengir and attacks it mind.

Bel yells to Stigley, "Guardsman, hurry! If at all possible, keep the female wererat alive, she is a seamstress from Brindol!" She continues to pump out arrows since there is no way to reach the minotaur.

The first arrow finishes off the dire rat and the second flies forthe at the wererat but misses, shattering on the wall above it. She hurries to the spot occupied by the dire rat corpse so she can see to Vegan. Once she arrives, she growls at Slygoth, "What have you bloody men been doing in here? I've killed three skeletons, two damn big rats and huge friggin' demon thing, plus I ran my ass all the way in here! Maybe you'll start trying now that you have a female here to impress?"

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+8

She growls back, "Just kill something, barbarian!" Despite her demeanor and tough words, she knows he fully intends to protect her as she tends the minotaur. She never asked who he was or where he came from, she realizes.

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