Red Hand Reunion

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"Minataur, to me if you can. We will fight them here where we can't be surrounded."

Slygoth then belows out a battle cry and swings at the rats swarming around him.

With a grunt of effort the human warrior follows up his attack with another swift strike.

Stat Block

Sengir points his fingers at Badhorn, "You're deranged, to do something like this to your own family."

Vegan Hybrid (Avenger/Battlemind) (Knight Hospitaler)

Vegan struggles to find his word with the were rats so close to him "I will try to come to you, but I've backed myself in a corner. Try and do the same if you can so you won't be flanked until I have a chance to get to you. As Vegan talks steam can be seen coming out of his mouth like its the middle of winter. Vegan turns to the were rats as ice starts to form on the edge of his weapons and fur.

Sengir Critical Results - Round Update

A massive cascade of lights slams into the Shar worshipping wight. Perhaps Selūne wanted the abomination wiped from the face of the world, or perhaps it was just the extreme hatred that Sengir holds for all things that are undead. He watches as the divine radiance begins to blow bits and pieces off of his opponent, Bel's brother.

"I brought you back Bel! I sssaved the Elsssir Vale!" screams out Badhron as his body is being destroyed. "It may not be perfect but I did it! Ssshar lovesss me! I love you Bel! I'll be back! I'll find a way!"

Sengir's monumental blast echoes through the vast vortex that is all magic, divine or not, leaving vacuuming portals near the Boneshard skeleton as Badhron is completely destroyed by the divine light. Sengir's intense hatred for the undead has brought these malevolent voids into being. Unfortunately Sengir is standing right next to one as it opens up. Sengir stares into the void as it pulses. Then Bel watches as he seems to willingly walk into the strange magical tear. She can hear Sengir
8 Damage
screaming as he vanishes from
Removed From Existence (Save Ends)
sight. The strange portal vanishes along with him, but there are still two more left surrounding the Boneshard Skeleton.

"Panitari!" Dawn shouts as she turns to hear the woman scream, the demon digging into her back. A blinding flash fills the room and Dawn pauses in mute awe as the searing radiance of Sengir's faith destroy's Badhron -- everyone seems to pause at the spectacle, if only for the briefest of moments.

Dawn looks back to Panitari, not sure how badly she's hurt but if her scream was any indication then the Evistro had hurt her badly. The artificer looks back at the other skeletons then back at the demon. She wants to thin ranks but the psion seemed to be in more trouble.

First thing's first, She dropps her sunrod and fishes out an infusion throwing it at Panitari's feet. The shattered vial quickly infusing the psion and masking all of the injuries from the demon's claws. It wouldn't last forever and it wasn't real healing but it would keep the misplaced woman alive for a while.

Acid, she thinks to herself and prays her bolt would find the carnage demon as she levels her crossbow at the demon and fires and that it would choose to steel itself against more acid attacks.

Dawn then reaches out with her magic and pulls her eye closer. She'll need it against the demon and whatever other unpleasantness she can see coming down the hallway. Why did I leave the library? She thinks to herself.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d10z

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