Mao Englehardt

There is a dirty fighting feature you might like then, it's called "Face!"

I don't wish to butt heads with Mao. Just give foot rubs and advice.

I should note, for the future, that by default, the stat generation method that P:TA uses is 64 points, minimum 6 maximum 14. They changed the wording recently, but it hasn't actually changed. So that maximum thing is kind of a big deal. Feemos just seems to enjoy a slightly higher power level.

Edit: Also, 6'4? that's one tall girl.

Originally Posted by Requiem
Feemos just seems to enjoy a slightly higher power level
Don't go mixing me up with FEMA, now.

Nothing wrong with that, I also enjoy a somewhat higher power level. I showered my Exalted players in XP. Incredibly pleasant showers of glorious golden experience points.

It is also because of GMing Exalted that I will never disbelieve that a GM made every single campaign detail up on the spot.

Twas making a reference with the fact you replaced the R in my name with a F.

Ah, I didn't catch that. Cerebral flatulence, then. Also, I wanted to make the golden showers joke.


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